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  1. Installed Zuk Mod.. :)
  2. adding power steering to nonpowersteering 22re?
  3. Blown head gasket?
  4. 22RE Head To 22RET
  5. Off white goo like substance on oil cap
  6. Fusable Link Replacement
  7. 2WD Needs New Tires I need HELP
  8. fuel gauge sending unit question
  9. 87 4runner Rear Seat
  10. Frozen, won't start and gas dripping out air filter
  11. 22re headgasket forgot dowel
  12. tranny swap
  13. Do our stock temp gauges go bad or usually the sender?
  14. 3VZE 3.0 Wrong Gasket?
  15. 22re issues
  16. Rear heater leak?
  17. Sqeak/CreeK front end
  18. Pinging cure!
  19. Distributor making new hissing sound
  20. Once again my 3.0 wont start
  21. 89 wiper arm: interchange with others?
  22. High pitch sound when starting cold !!!
  23. 1992 Toyota Dually(automatic) question
  24. 1989 22re Vacuum Question
  25. Why can't I find a e-brake cable that will work?
  26. truck starts up warms then dies?
  27. alternator upgrade help
  28. Front hub spinning axle when in FREE select.
  29. What is This part
  30. Rear Spring Bushing Help
  31. HELP!!! check engine light and RPM'S drop!!
  32. ct26 turbo question
  33. Downey headers-no crossover=dual exhaust?
  34. Frame Rot Repair (Lots of Pics)
  35. RathDeal19 1988 Toyota Pickup v6 Build Up
  36. Need help with my speedometer!
  37. Help me find the correct radiator cap: Aftermarket Radiator
  38. Lost the "hidden bolt" during head swap
  39. Pickle Forking the Steering Stabilizer
  40. 95 4Runner jack and crank.
  41. Slowly sorting out the Electrical issues
  42. Strange brake issue, 89 4runner.
  43. Disable Auxiliary Air Valve?
  44. rattling when started
  45. Shouldn't I have an idler arm on my 1st gen?
  46. Temp rises/falls on how I drive. Buncha questions (t-stat, fan clutch, e-fan swap)
  47. 88 runner, auto trans, have to shift manually
  48. 1993 W56 transfer case on a 1990 W56?
  49. 2 WD Leaf Springs Sagging. Options?
  50. 94 22re Engine Trouble
  51. Relay rod
  52. 3vze Knock sensor wire
  53. 3VZE chugging, not leveling out on idle.
  54. Will replacing timing chain/cover fix or do I need to rebuild
  55. Fastest way of installing front lower ball joint!! WRITEUP!
  56. My truck just died
  57. Cup holder replacement 1992 Truck
  58. Engine dies
  59. annoying mystery grinding starter only when it's cold outside
  60. GPS as a Speedo?
  61. does anyone have 6 spare torque converter bolts for a 3vz a340?
  62. Which fuel pump ?
  63. powersurging/battery draining/fuel gauge rising
  64. TPS question 22re
  65. question about rear anti lock?
  66. Losing Oil. Rings?
  67. Aisin help, took the new to me yota in the shop, came back with no good work
  68. Check Engine Light Burns Lots of fuel (MAF?)
  69. Break-in Protocol
  70. spring-under axle?
  71. Car seat in an Ext Cab? Safe? Legal? What's your opinion?
  72. Quick Question about Rear-end
  73. RPMs good, but no power
  74. home made shift knobs! what you guys think?
  75. P/S idle up solenoid
  76. Maybe a belt squeal?
  77. 22rte to w56???
  78. depress pass. window switch, window does not roll down, radio cuts out
  79. idle issues
  80. heater help
  81. SR5 Cluster hard?
  82. junk yard upgrades
  83. front suspension lift question (pick up)
  84. timing spec for 86 22rec
  85. Hard/non starting 22re in 87 4runner...fixed
  86. gauge problems
  87. help On adding power steering to 87 Pickup!!
  88. 3VZE Swap
  89. water pump q
  90. Odd noises and it seems like I'm losing power
  91. 3rd speedo gear failure?
  92. 1994 Toyota truck 2wd suspension rebuild help
  93. odd overheating issue with no in cab heat.
  94. 22RTE Starts then dies
  95. GEAR HElP!!!
  96. Locker Qusetions
  97. installed hids
  98. My 94 replacement truck
  99. 22RE Knock Sensor Bypass Harness Connectors
  100. Transmission wont hook back up to the engine.
  101. Tcase Front Output Noise
  102. 4x4 shifter knob
  103. 3VZE fuses
  104. Throttle Body Will Not Close Completely
  105. WOW Transfercase Flange Nut
  106. Master Cylinder Problems
  107. NOT Head Gasket but PISTON FAILURE!!
  108. 91 SR5 Pick-Up Radio "Stock?" Swap - Write up and Pics
  109. The quick and dirty Supra AFM swap
  110. Attempting 25MPG w/ my 22RE
  111. Rear Spring Decision
  112. having a WEIRD starting problem
  113. Roof Rack Options for Pickup Truck
  114. ENGN Builder Street RV Head
  115. How well should the EGR seal? 22re
  116. Can anyone help me identify this engine noise?
  117. Can't find FSM - Need help testing Oil Pressure Gauge
  118. camber in front two wheels WAY off
  119. Trouble starting and surging on start up.
  120. Upside down headgasket symptoms?
  121. 95 4Runner 3VZ A/T 4x4 MAJOR Power/MPG Issues
  122. Sheared my hub bolts/studs
  123. blown head gasket from misinstalled TPS?
  124. 3vze dying after starting, just replaced alt
  125. Oil in breather tube (3VZE)
  126. loss of power and mpg bad!!! need help
  127. auto tranny shifting issues
  128. 86 runner od question
  129. Ball Joint Replace Photos?
  130. Lost reverse after changing trans solenoids
  131. Advanced the timing 3 Degree's
  132. hesitation on cold startup '93 v6 3.0
  133. 3.0 Intake build idea...
  134. Tubbing 2nd Gen 4runner
  135. 1994 4runner no start
  136. possible 4x4 problem?
  137. grinding noise possible wheel bearing
  138. Low Compression and Timing off. More details inside help!
  139. 1986 Pickup where to buy a right side frame rail and how to replace
  140. Distributor help
  141. Dash/ac lights
  142. loping idle, no power, 14 miles on a fresh rebuild?
  143. fuel pump questions
  144. 95 4runner ignition stuck...
  145. My solution to vacuum switching valves (pic)
  146. 3vze Power Steering Pump nightmare!
  147. front cv long shaft part number
  148. 87 Runner Steering should I replace it?
  149. Replace radiator and fan clutch
  150. 1991 22re lack of fuel pressure....
  151. couple ofi nstrument panel LEDquestions
  152. Cross over re-route, good idea?
  153. Burnt Valves...How far should I go??
  154. 22r motor rebuild kit
  155. Changing W56 Input bearing
  156. speedo off
  157. 1992 22re Pick up Started to lose power lost all poer now will not start any Ideas?
  158. Transmission cooler question
  159. List of seats for bench conversion
  160. 22re helpppp
  161. question about the camshaft sprocket...holding in place while removing head
  162. 1990 22RE erratic idle
  163. Will this front diff fit my truck????
  164. 91 3.0 Wont start after alt install.
  165. 82 Supra AFM on a 3vze airbox
  166. removing crank bolt
  167. Leaking antifreeze
  168. Help with clock wiring
  169. flat towing question
  170. Distributor timing issue
  171. high idle on my way to work.
  172. 94 22re motor And trans replacement
  173. Front wheel bearing, adjustment or replace?
  174. Supra turbo on 22re!?!
  175. Electric fan conversion !
  176. 95 weird electrical problem
  177. Moogs in my rear!
  178. Pittman/ Idler arm needs replacement
  179. What is the best / proper off the shelf ATF for a high mile AT?
  180. Bodyman help
  181. Alternator issues after brush replacement!
  182. 3.0 Blown Headgasket - ???
  183. Drivetrain Length Comparison?
  184. Break in process - quickquestion
  185. Advice on Downey T-bars
  186. AAMCO semi synthetic ATF, anyone know where to buy it these days?
  187. 22RE Thermostat Replacement
  188. Speedometer Question
  189. 4runner cant hold idle and dies
  190. Excessive rattle
  191. stiffer torsion=less flex??
  192. running rough no power under load
  193. electric fan options
  194. Need intake help
  195. electronic torque wrenches
  196. 91 runner- 2wd front bumper on a 4x4?
  197. question about an HID 10000k conversion kit on a '93 toyota
  198. How loud is the blower supposed to be?
  199. Electrical ignition advice needed 22re
  200. '88 4Runner - Battery drains after new alternator installation!!
  201. Start UP
  202. Transfer case with electronic speedometer setup swapped into mechanical speedo truck?
  203. Vibration in 95 4Runner
  204. Something other than a headgasket?
  205. automatic transmission 3.0L reviews?
  206. What supra parts will work for us?
  207. Body parts, "replacement" or OEM $$
  208. Has anyone painted an entire ifs 4runner with bedliner???
  209. Difference between SR5 and EFI 4runner
  210. Electrical Gremlins
  211. Best 4-Runner Accessory source?
  212. battery light on, alt seems okay.
  213. Markers not working
  214. Starter wont disengage? keeps spinning?
  215. alty compatability ?
  216. Code 52
  217. 91 v-6 motor woes...
  218. mystery smoke: steering column on 1st Gen 4Runner
  219. Head gasket 89 pu
  220. Oil in valve cover front holes
  221. Duuuuuudes, check out how RAKED my truck is!
  222. 88 PU EFI Fuel pump bad? Please help. (Yes i'm searching as we speak too)
  223. fire in #1 hole...
  224. Whoops... Exhaust issue... aggrivated. Help
  225. CS130 Install in 1991 3.0 4Runner
  226. code 14,52 help
  227. 92 4runner hard starting, and yes i searched my butt off!!!
  228. wondering what that canister was that got lost?
  229. High Idle and Fluctuating Temp Gauge
  230. Good compression AND blue exhaust smoke?
  231. 1987 22r Carb developed sudden miss and loss of power
  232. Curt Trailer Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier? work on 2nd gen?
  233. 86 4runner DRINKING OIL
  234. how to get better mpg with winter fuel??
  235. K&n valve / flap stuck open...
  236. 91 4runner diff questions.
  237. 22RE Will Not Turn Over!
  238. Best way to mount a roof rack on a 1st 4runner?
  239. IFS front end-Help
  240. '92 3VZE won't pass emissions, where should I look?
  241. 3vze pinging/knocking? timing issue?
  242. o2 sensors
  243. exhaust question
  244. 22re loss of power, sluggish
  245. aisin hub turns to lock cv's dont engage
  246. O2 Sensor 22re vs 22rte
  247. Leaking TVV valve?
  248. 22R knocking in the top end type of noise
  249. Toyota Truck dimmer problem ?
  250. Help with ground location on 3.0