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  1. Impact gun on exhaust manifold studs?
  2. Plow setup questions
  3. Alternator does not charge on a hot day
  4. 2nd gen to0 tall
  5. Factory receiver and tube bumper
  6. Hood pins... Where did you mount them?
  7. Oil Temp Gauge - always in the middle
  8. No idea about the load sensing proportion valve
  9. Anyone cut a fuel pump access panel in their hilux?
  10. some time spent $$$$$ on turbo runner mods
  11. I need to know the name of this part......
  12. idler arm fa5040
  13. I have a dumb TPS/Timing question
  14. Changed carb and now white smoke please help
  15. Fuel Pump/Sending Unit help
  16. possible rear main seal leak
  17. Speedometer
  18. 22re running rich and lean?
  19. Help with speedometer cable issue
  20. upper a arm not realeasing??
  21. Part number for exhaust studs, 22re
  22. Good to be back! And a timing chain question...
  23. Transmission Help!!
  24. 3.0 v6 coolant leak
  25. rough starting
  26. question on a rear tire swing for 86 PU
  27. 22re and an elevation change, do I need to adjust anything?
  28. Three 02 sensors, and not one will give me a reading
  29. stalling after intake install
  30. All-Pro roll cage into exo cage?
  31. 22R engine noise
  32. boost at stall speed?
  33. Alterations for 33's
  34. 1990 2 door
  35. 22RE Solenoid Resistor ohm readings
  36. Ball (???) fell out of intake when removing head to investigate knocking noise.
  37. Post Pics of Your Roof Baskets On Your 2nd Gens!
  38. 4x4 not working
  39. running rich
  40. Which clutch do you like for a daily driver?
  41. Freshening up a 3.0 with 245,000mi
  42. Where does your Temp needle ride?
  43. 86 22r oil light
  44. Engine RPM's going up then down, then up and down by itself
  45. Misfire Help?
  46. 92 P/U new long block many trouble codes
  47. Cant get the Caliper's back on?????
  48. Replacing Engine, What Else to Get?
  49. my truck gets emotional and sometimes starts
  50. Pop sound when going into reverse
  51. 91 4runner wont start, injectors not working
  52. '88 4runner overheating - cracked head??
  53. Pop and Dead - No Start
  54. Anyone ever removed Radiator/Core Support
  55. Terrible, annoying squeak...
  56. No break lights, Dash, Markers
  57. Bogging Down While Turning or Applying Brakes
  58. dash lights out and electrical box unplugged in engine
  59. Swapped out my A/T for a M/T
  60. in the middle of working on my does the belt tensioner go back on
  61. AISIN carb trouble's
  62. Smoking Crack
  63. Frame problems need expert help please
  64. 22RE Vacuum adjustment
  65. cargo/camping system for a 92 short bed pickup (dialup beware)
  66. 91 toyota engine over heating
  67. 94 V-6 Transfer Case Help
  68. Pics of spare tire tool storage
  69. 1986 pickup tire question
  70. 22re dies in drive! help please
  71. 3vze oil cooler
  72. Low fuel light stuck on
  73. 1st gen 4Runner air helper springs
  74. bedliner fitment question
  75. HELP!!! Not Enough Back Pressure at EGR???
  76. Dying interior plastics
  77. Help with Bilstein 5100!!
  78. no crank, 87 4runner 22re
  79. W56 got hungry.
  80. 22RE noice.. help?
  81. Fuel Pressure Regulator comprehension
  82. what percent is front and rear brakes
  83. 3.0L V6 1990 4x4 truck door jam says 10/89 made in japan HEADGASKET COVERED????
  84. which radiator do i need?
  85. Electrical/idle problem
  86. Leaking waterpump, what all needs to be replaced
  87. 1993 Toyota 4Runner Slipping
  88. What does this wire connect to?
  89. 3vz fuel rail bleeder
  90. Ball joints replaced now clunky?
  91. Differential Stud Elimination, Pinion & Inner Axle Seal Replacement
  92. Fuel system issues with ignition error code 14
  93. Anybody know a good source for tailgate window switch?
  94. Can't Clear Codes
  95. milkshake possibility 1994 4 runner???
  96. 22r in place of 22re
  97. exchangeable parts
  98. Calling the carburator pros
  99. Riddle me this...waterpump?
  101. Sliding glass rear window on my '93 pickup
  102. Help! mysterious (to me) electrical problems
  103. Fuel injector fitting
  104. Miss Fire on #3 Injector? really?
  105. Timing Chain Cover
  106. can you put manual windows in power doors?
  107. Got my addicted front bumper today!
  108. 22re rebuild Q's
  109. No more mutant exhaust
  110. Which factory air box is better?
  111. 1988 22RE TPS IDL-E2 problem
  112. will this starter swap
  113. The same but different Click but no start
  114. westjohns build thread 87 short bed, cammed
  115. 1992 pick up compatible seat belts
  116. 22re muffler question
  117. A good 22RE engine rebuild manual
  118. Key just clicks
  119. 22re Missing Sometimes?
  120. What's a 3rz with a spun bearing worth?
  121. TPS works better when not set per instructions
  122. Rear Diff.... HELP!!
  123. weber carb info
  124. Carb problem, or something else entirely?
  125. TPS why is this happening
  126. bad vacuum leak where to start???
  127. Just bought a 87 4runner 22ret and have ?s
  128. Rear brake hard line replacement questions
  129. Completely LOST Transmission giving me HELLO!
  130. 1stgen 4runner moon/sun roof latch question
  131. No start after valve cover gasket replacement: code 41&51
  132. CEL/3vze codes
  133. Please Help Diagnose: 87 4Runner Tranny sounds *violent* now
  134. 3.0 throttle body hose routes
  135. alternative to a bob?
  136. first toyota ever with a list of problems! :)
  137. 2nd gen rear bump stops
  138. 3.0 valve adjustment in N. CO?
  139. 87 4runner sas, finally starting the build
  140. 22re engine removal out of a 1993 pickup with manual tranny
  141. Possible engine swap this winter, need some advice from you gear heads.
  142. HOT turbo
  143. 88 yota help needed please
  144. Alignment problems with bracket lift 2nd gen 4Runner
  145. transmission swap 5sp to auto
  146. Running like a chevy
  147. Strange sound from Clutch
  148. 88 v6 not transfering enough torq to trough front diff, think diff is slipping??
  149. CV Axles and Joints IRS
  150. Ac compressor not being called on
  151. Headliner removal and install?
  152. virginia emissions
  153. Complete Upgraded Headlight Wiring Harness?
  154. Possible new dd/ project
  155. Rear Tranny Output shaft play
  156. Since we're on the subject of nerf bars...
  157. Fuel pump bracket part number?
  158. Upgrading some stuff on the yota.
  159. Will 89-94 Truck nerf bars fit 87 4Runner?
  160. power to manual mirrors
  161. Timing Chain and Valve Noise
  162. castle nut slipping on pitman arm - relay rod
  163. Starter throw problems
  164. A Mouse/Mice Decided to Sqat in my Intake Valley
  165. Back in 4WD My new 88 extracab
  166. Tach not showing correct idle speed
  167. A/C electrical "fun"
  168. 22R no power
  169. 89 Toyota PU leaf springs
  170. 22re idle speed in gear
  171. uggghhhh...front diff?...
  172. Just sold my 3.0 and bought a 3.4
  173. Oil leak not at valve cover, worse
  174. Hid's in a 1995 t4r?
  175. what is this noise in my engine comp?
  176. 22re valve cover gasket
  177. Sr5 tach wire
  178. What Tachometers are not compatible?
  179. oh boy... the 3.0.. 3.0 4runner vs 3.4 4runner on one tons, drag race at the track!!!
  180. Stabilizer Bar replacement question
  181. Tacoma rear end
  182. 20R head onto 22R, or bore out 20R?
  183. 92 reg cab sas question
  184. 22re Head Question
  185. IFS rebuild
  186. Total Chaos Idler question
  187. 1992 4runner shifts randomly help
  188. At vs Manual ECU
  189. Fuel pressure regulator
  190. what is this?
  191. where is your CB radio mounted?
  192. 2400 miles done. Thank goodness for gears and the Zuk mod.
  193. Smell
  194. 92 4runner rear axle to 1997 4runner?
  195. issues to look for in potential 4runner purchase- not running well
  196. 22re mileage theories
  197. Shocks for 1989 toyota pickup?
  198. '91 3vze no torque
  199. Power Steering Fluid in Intake - :eeek:
  200. What causes pitting like this?
  201. Advantages/Disadvantages to setting idle speed and ignition timing differently
  202. RHD manual transmission swap
  203. Relay box-gate window
  204. HELP: elocker issues
  205. Removal of Pin in leaf spring?
  206. new hole in the trans?
  207. Where to start with this bench seat?
  208. 1988 4runner front windows not working
  209. 88 Map Light install question ??
  210. Need some advise
  211. Strange clutch problem PLEASE HELP!!!
  212. 22re High Idle
  213. 22RE and 22RE-t Intake/turbo Swap
  214. finallly did it
  215. What axles do I have?
  216. Which Weber to buy......
  217. Is worth it?
  218. Gas Milage Problem? Transmission Shift Problem?
  219. What do you guys think of this complete head? (22RE)
  220. can i see some pics of some 4runners with bushwacker cut out flares?
  221. steering wheel front end shake
  222. For those of you with flowmaster 50!
  223. Coolant in my oil, any ideas?
  224. Oil leak from air compressor?
  225. hauling more weight
  226. 1989 22RE Help getting ready for the season
  227. metra power antenna problem
  228. Traded my way through the world
  229. blue puff of smoke once in a while
  230. need help with a noise
  231. Lo-Buck Magnaflux/Zyglo
  232. Rheostat / Dimmer frustrations hey 4Crawler or XXX
  233. 1990 windshield compatibility question.
  234. cylinder pressure issues
  235. sputtering on acceleration
  236. Bad headgasket..good compression??.. stumped!
  237. 6-7 inch rear lift on ext cab pickup need longer driveshaft?
  238. My sister hit a bear with my Yota, then a electical pole then a 12x12 fence post
  239. help!! i can't get my driver side rear brake drum off!
  240. 1986 pickup brake problem
  241. bushwacker fender flares or 3vze doug thorley headers?
  242. 22R seems to be rich ?? Advice appreciated
  243. Rear Bumper Bracket - Rusty Bolts
  244. SR5 Gauge Cluster Improvised !!! Be truthful
  245. 22RE - Auto- Tune Up Q's
  246. what does your 22re rev at?
  247. Clutch fork rubbing?
  248. coolant leak points on backside of 3vze
  249. One power lock not working
  250. 22re will barley idle all of a sudden