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  1. added a coinholder in console
  2. 3.4L missfires sometimes???
  3. checking fuel pressure on 95 3.0 4Runner
  4. Stock 4Runner wheels are pretty nice...
  5. Best gears to buy? What brand?
  6. 95 p/u with new 32's please help!!
  7. How to test AFM
  8. Duralast or Bendix rotors?
  9. How loud is the Airraid M.I.T.?
  10. the new 4runners
  11. Faulty rear door latch: 3rd gen 4Runner
  12. 4 cyl 4x4 3rd gen
  13. Considerations for removing sun shades?
  14. Cargo Cover for Third Row Seat Model
  15. 88 PU's replacement wooden flatbed
  16. Anyone know about this part?
  17. Typical 22r oil temp (what guage to get)
  18. CEL... and questions..
  19. Going with a Flowmaster, should I go dual?
  20. Another EBAY auction claiming this and that, does it even work?
  21. '01 coolant system capacity?
  22. still getting CEL after O2 sensor replaced
  23. Camouflage patterns? Where to get?
  24. New 4runner! (finally!)
  25. 97 and up toyota truck axle codes
  26. Please post pictures all years...
  27. Complex A/C idle-up problem after tranny swap
  28. Question about 3.4 swap with manual tranny.
  29. I'm thinking about getting a flowmaster, help
  30. RS3000 going crazy! Help needed
  31. Power options HELP!
  32. leaf spring help
  33. Removing the fender of a 2nd Gen
  34. New engine steams and water out tail pipe...PLEASE HELP!
  35. Transmission leaking into Transfercase?
  36. Cal State Univ Fullerton, who's lifted Runners?
  37. removing running boards
  38. Air Horn installation..
  39. '90 Check Engine Light?
  40. May be buying a 1st Gen 4Runner
  41. Proud new owner of 3rd gen
  42. 91 4runner wheel base?
  43. HI and Goodbye!
  44. Anyone ever take chrome wheels, sandblast , paint black?
  45. Black steel wheels
  46. Chrome Exhaust Tip
  47. Flow rates of 22r intakes, carb, FI and Turbo?
  48. HELP-Fuse for Gauge Lights??
  49. Why is there a weight on my transfer case?
  50. 99 4Runner SR5 for $9K?
  51. Clicking sound
  52. 2.7 factory exhaust diameter
  53. Need some Bed Dimensions
  54. Looking at 95 - new engine - what to look for?
  55. High Idle on Start (96 4Runner 3.4L)
  56. HO 5.0 or 302?
  57. Piaa 540 xtreme do you like them
  58. power lacking
  59. 16 x 9 they exist???
  60. End Links
  61. 3rd member backlash setting
  62. Question about 88 manual hubs to a 95
  63. what is my liter on 94 4runner?
  64. Tires for my '99
  65. Performance 4runner? 10-12K budget 3rd Gen
  66. How much does my tranny weigh?
  67. hey i got a new 4runner
  68. Costa Rica 4Runner help
  69. Group buy and sale info!!
  70. Anyone up to helping?
  71. Toyota Oil Quality?
  72. Amsoil question
  73. driving lights
  74. Oil cooler and light bulbs...
  75. Need a motor for '92 4runner!
  76. muffler shop in phx recommendation?
  77. 3vze motor opinions wanted
  78. Pics of removing dash to get to Speedo-Cable?
  79. New Suspension!?!?
  80. Front Brake Vibration
  81. 3rd gen front bumper removal
  82. OME shocks - ride on the road (2nd gen)
  83. Need to replace my stock Cat converter what...
  84. How do I take out the rear bench?
  85. Whats this part for? Need help!
  86. 3rd gen liftgate
  87. HUGE 1st Gen in Keller,TX
  88. Wut tires do i get!?
  89. Reasembly of power antenna?
  90. CV Joints/Front axle question
  91. Where can I buy a new 1st gen tailgate?
  92. Just saying Hi
  93. Which starter contacts should I purchase?
  94. Cost to install gears?
  95. Brake fluid or Diff fluid?
  96. spun main bearing
  97. 2nd gen tie rod part number
  98. Alot of questions about MAJOR SERVICE
  99. leaking from rear axle???
  100. Any unique body repairs as a result of killer body rust
  101. 2wd 3rd Question...
  102. adding rear heat and a/c to a 2nd gen 4Runner
  103. A few 3.4 questions
  104. Please have a look at my updated 4runner (New 99+ painted bumpers, grill and lights)
  105. 200,000 mile milestone...took some pics w/ the new wheels:-) (sorry 56k)
  106. Like "Iceland type" Rigs? Check this out!
  107. stock cat diameter
  108. will this bumper fit???
  109. Question on wheel bearings
  110. Just had remote start installed on my 4runner
  111. Yay, Look!
  112. 92 toyota hilux 22re 2200 miles
  113. Did my clutch go out?
  114. relplace muffler on 96 4runner?
  115. air intake mod ok for emissions?
  116. A+ for tmc1.1
  117. 22re to a v6
  118. OME u-bolts
  119. about fed up with 3.0l v6
  120. New Yok's on a 91 2nd Gen
  121. Pick-your-part and atestiment to Toyotas
  122. rear diff is making a whine noise
  123. 05 4Runner Limited rattle/vibration
  124. arb turn signal wiring
  125. 3rd gen rear sag?
  126. anyone know the part number for this?
  127. hitch?
  128. how much does your first gen v6 weigh?
  129. whats next?
  130. How much did you pay for your Runner?
  131. Will they fit ? Tires that is.....
  132. My left hadn side cv after i when mudding
  133. Steering wheel alignment
  134. 3rd Gen Tundra Brakes Parts
  135. Thanks Guys
  136. help!! vacuum hose missing....
  137. "Missing bolt"
  138. Lug nut question
  139. Tranny Fluid confusion: 2.x quarts or 4 quarts??
  140. breaks
  141. Random e-Brake light?
  142. loose idler pulley
  143. Clutch adjustment
  144. Engine Miss/Check engine light - Possibly TPS?
  145. Diesel oil in a gas engine??
  146. Dual stage thermo?
  147. HOw do you get rid of annoying idle situation
  148. Toyota recall...with a catch?
  149. PA/East Coast G2G
  150. Inspect head gasket for recall work
  151. 87 4Runner - Best Way to Fix Leaking Sunroof
  152. Canadian Denso Dealers
  153. drive train slack. ....seems excessive
  154. Low fuel light sending unit?
  155. Questions on 89 Ext. cab auto
  156. 2000 tacoma question
  157. Dual cat. converter 4runners
  158. Gauge Help
  159. Sticky Door Switch
  160. 30 tacoma trd sway bar size...
  161. Issue with leaking Rear driver side axle seal...
  162. Are there different types of heads for 22re?
  163. Steering stabilizer or new tie rods for 3rd gen
  164. in-dash switch for stock port
  165. I'm nearly official! Buying 4runner today.
  166. Bull bar question again.
  167. major problems-transmission
  168. Problem starting engine - 5spd
  169. Timing Belt +?
  170. Check Engine Light: Where to look next
  171. Recomended Tranny Fluid
  172. In the market for a used 4Runner...what to look for?
  173. Air conditioning question - 89 Toyota
  174. Urgent Help Needed, stalling 3rd gen SC
  175. i need to know my size
  176. 2nd Gen Out Of Surgery-Total Chaos/fiberglass
  177. turn signal assembly
  178. First gen\third gen wheel tire swap.
  179. Finding King's Spanner Wrench
  180. Looks like it's going to be a long weekend! *pics*
  181. SAW Trouble, HELP.
  182. Fender flares for 96 sr5 with no trim
  183. my 4wd doesnt work?????
  184. Brand New Starter choice....
  185. What to check for in Front Diff quality?
  186. 2nd Gen Rear Bumper
  187. IFS Parts Interchange
  188. Tacoma OEM Flex hose p/n (brake line extension)
  189. SR5 oil pressure gauge questions
  190. still can't get ahold of marlin crawler
  191. 22RE Rod bearing/rebuild opinions and a few other Q's
  192. Going back to stock - Need stock front bumper
  193. Funny noise from dashboard.
  194. 96 Rear Door latch broke?
  195. unichip programmer for S.C. 3.4l
  196. Synthetic or oil
  197. drop steps
  198. Waterpump or thermostat?
  199. parts for an 81?
  200. Someone Help! Fan's driving me nuts!
  201. Cone or cup?
  202. my 25year old 20R Compression results...
  203. Sea Foam
  204. Taking care of Yotatech
  205. What Is The Ring Gap For A 22R?
  206. Where does the o2 sensor wire go?
  207. 85K miles on my S/C
  208. 2 tow hooks while keeping the valance
  209. tire question
  210. my new Toy!
  211. CB placement, 1st Gen
  212. throttle sticking-help
  213. Is it possible to get something like this that fits a 3rd gen?
  214. Struts done, now a couple coil wrap Q's
  215. Airlift 1000 replacing swaybar?
  216. Supra Seat Conversion in Hilux Surf
  217. Liquid head gasket repair?
  218. Success!!!
  219. TJM T13 Installed
  220. A few pics from the weekend
  221. Need Help with AC electrical
  222. Opinions and questions for wheel experts?
  223. What is the best 4runner for under $10K ???
  224. Replacing Drive Belts
  225. low oil pressure
  226. dealer tells me my water pump leaks....sometimes.
  227. original Toyota wheels... looking for a set of plain white rims with hubcap clips..
  228. a note to 4crawler
  229. I'm finally getting a toyota... a quick hello and a few questions.
  230. Purchasing 3rd gen soon, what mod's should i do?
  231. Vortex Muffle
  232. automatic transmission problems
  233. What is a stinger?
  234. best shock and tire for a stock '80 4x4
  235. will 2.5" exhaust hurt my engine?
  236. body swap? sorry i had to do it
  237. Changing from Carb to EFI
  238. Shipping from engnbldr to Canada
  239. Second Skin Tacoma: Sound deadening Work in progress
  240. New Heads for 22R
  241. Belt Replacement
  242. Snorkel
  243. Need help diagnosing check engine code
  244. Re-badging my truck
  245. need yakima wind fairing mounts
  246. Third row seat
  247. Help! Key stuck in ignition...
  248. Fuel Gauge Issue?
  249. what happens when switching from 16" rim to a 15"?
  250. Intercooler vs. cold air intake w/supercharger