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  1. Parking brake handle is stuck, and spins
  2. Installation of factory fender flares?
  3. Trans still wont go into OD, no help from dealership.. HELP! I need PNs!
  4. Semi Newbie with X runner ?
  5. Proof that different brand of gasoline might indeed improve gas milage
  6. Factory roof rack and MPG question?
  7. HELP ME, Troubleshooting?
  8. GM Alternator details (please)
  9. 3rd Gen mirror removal, need help ASAP... anybody have a Haynes handy?
  10. 4wd Not Working...89 Runner
  11. thinking of dual batteries in a 3rd gen
  12. air silencer removal
  13. Has anyone fixed the spare tire clunking issue on their 3rd gen?
  14. Take a look at these tires....what do you think?
  15. Finding an overhead console (or part of it)
  16. clutch replacement
  17. Battery warmer
  18. Cruise Control needs tuning???
  19. 3VZ-FE camry cams in a 5VZ-FE 3.4L!
  20. Plug wire retaining clips on coil pack
  21. 4 wheell drive light does not turn on .
  22. tire/brake help
  23. Battery help
  24. 285's on stock wheels? Is it safe?
  25. RIP 4runner????Maybe
  26. just spent 200 dollars for 4runner
  27. 2003 toyota seqouia cuts off in gear
  28. tips for banging out crunched bumper
  29. Turn signal not working???
  30. Any pics/opinions of 3rd gen OEM seatcovers
  31. Ball Joints and Idler Arm
  32. 2nd gen Passenger side CV joint
  33. Question for Southern cali people
  34. oh my god (it wont start)
  35. Thinking of Selling 4runner
  36. I Hate IFS!
  37. Question about tps part numbers.
  38. rim sizes
  39. Opinion wanted: CirKit Boss Fuse Block
  40. The Runner is acting funny
  41. Axle Wrap or Automatic Transmission Problems?
  42. How tight can exhaust valves be with before they burn.
  43. slop in drive shaft where it meets axle
  44. Idle
  45. Anybody have a picture of the speacial service tool for the 3.0 valve adjustment?
  46. Neoprene Seat Covers
  47. road+track on k+n
  48. Brake Worries
  49. chip for tacoma
  50. 2006 HP reduction
  51. Just advanced my timing....ok?
  52. Are ADD hubs pretty much just manual hubs that are always locked?
  53. Do you think is REALLY OEM?
  54. need some help and tips for the V8/V6 into the pickup
  55. Will a 285 fit underneath?
  56. E85
  57. My check engine light is on (Code DTC PO171)
  58. 1995 4runner shifting problems
  59. Changing the color of the dash lights
  60. Lowering the Center of Gravity
  61. Heated Side View Mirrors
  62. replacing dimmer switch
  63. weird grinding noise from rear end
  64. The $95 Dynomax 3VZECat back exhaust.....
  65. Deal on stainless steel cat-back sys...
  66. Transmission and power steering cooler?
  67. rememberance day
  68. New Amsoil Oil Filters
  69. Smell gas when I'm accelerating
  70. transmission cooler
  71. help on how to buy downey coils
  72. 94 pickup dx reliability questions
  73. supra runner
  74. 2002 Sport ed w/ Tow package. What's included?
  75. Premium Gas or Regular Opinions
  76. Power Steering problem, some advice or experiance?
  77. How to remove power mirror and Limited cladding?
  78. Looking for Air Shocks
  79. do you know how to respring the acctuator?
  80. Who/What is to blame?
  81. stock wheel size?
  82. Help! my automatic trany jumps outa gear under hard acceleration.
  83. Code 71 and 41
  84. '95 T100 axle housing-'90 4Runner gears (4WD)
  85. Old Video my stock 4runner with new OME suspension
  86. front end clunk when first stopping after change of direction
  87. Who here is running a "BAMACHEM LIFT" setup?
  88. Weekend Maintenance
  89. My baby is in the shop today
  90. No start, No spark
  91. has anybody bought a bumper off of ebay
  92. Need Toyota part #s
  93. clutch/flywheel replacement question
  94. Retarded question on rear tails for 3rd gens
  95. Q? Does my 93 V6 really have a learning ECU
  96. Ignition problems
  97. Uneven rotor wear on one side of rotor...
  98. PreRunner
  99. shifting into drive(auto)
  100. Anybody have Sylvania XtraVisions?
  101. i got my rear lights tinted
  102. bent my gate
  103. 3000 rpm studder....
  104. Where can I get these freakin tires?
  105. HI EVERYONE Im new to the forum
  106. 2nd Gen 4Runner with "big tire kit" Stock Tire?
  107. First time really wrenching on my 3.0
  108. Engine Question: 3VZE - 3VZFE
  109. power inverter
  110. Ebay find....
  111. Strange noise ...
  112. '89 Transmission 22re question
  113. Satoshi in da house (Pics)
  114. Custom Aluminum Radiator ($985.00)- Never delivered!!
  115. "ISR mod" good idea or bad idea
  116. rear brakes seizing? please help
  117. Check engine!
  118. knock sensor?
  119. Seafoam on a 3.0
  120. Buying 1st gen (again)...
  121. Lincoln locker(s)?
  122. hesitation at startup?
  123. TJM finally on, fog light/turning light ideas?
  124. Steering arm swap question....
  125. 3rd Gen Replacement Leather Steering Wheel Cover (Pic Heavy)
  126. '97 4runner Sus-Lift
  127. can't shift to 4h on the fly
  128. Can too much oil in the engine show a code ?
  129. Transmission diference?
  130. Need buckets
  131. Need advice about " jerking" occuring with Toyota PUP, please.
  132. JBA EVOL cat back exhaust..
  133. Power antenna no worky
  134. Tacoma vs. 4Runner wheels...
  135. OEM Temperature Gauge - Flat Spot
  136. Newb question on 3rd member removal
  137. How do you figure out how much your speedo is off with larger tires.
  138. '88 p/u shock question
  139. 1992 Pick Up, now what do I have
  140. Taurus fan, Hayden 678, front diff fluid in a 3rd gen (pics)
  141. 1999-2002 4runner Hitches
  142. HELP! need info on 3.o egine swap
  143. Need Help With Automatic Hubs!!!!
  144. Another gas mileage prob.
  145. photoshop experts needed for taillight coloring
  146. Brake light demonized
  147. Using Royco 555 in diffs
  148. Blackout Headlights for 3rd Gen 4Runner
  149. Antenna - Where's the Fuse ?
  150. Did 2nd Gen Runner Ever Have Brown Tints
  151. I can't believe I'm asking this... where to get 1157 amber LEDs
  152. What part is this?? Cooling issue.
  153. 3.0 Radiator swap into 22-RE can it be done?
  154. Contact with Marlin Crawler
  155. clutch is out
  156. 01 Leaning Runner
  157. WANTED: Someone (someplace) to do a 3.0 to 3.4 engine swap (or 3.0 to new 3.0)
  158. Power difference between these 2 cams?
  159. I need a good rebuilt 22re
  160. Best place to get a water pump? 3.4L V6
  161. Recalibrate speedometer in our 99 4rnr?
  162. 93 Cluster to 87???
  163. about wheels...
  164. First parts to break in IFS ?
  165. Burnt ATF Fluid?
  166. 3rd Gen 4Runners - This could be a fun thread....
  167. Calender for your favorite.
  168. no spark, need help
  169. 92 4runner 22re drive belts
  170. Are the auto rranny's in the 2001 Tacomas reliable?
  171. rhino lining the roof
  172. I'm Going To Be Living out of My Tacoma....
  173. not working - rear window defrost
  174. Turning off DRL
  175. Quick How To Remove Oil Pan
  176. Gonna be rebuilding soon
  177. pics of 4th gen wheels on a 3rd gen
  178. I love this picture... it gives me inspiration
  179. supra tranny in truck?
  180. JDM 99-02 Black headlights
  181. 11.2" tire on a 9" wheel
  182. Passenger side foglight not working, 98 4runner SR5
  183. High beam headlight doesn't work
  184. what is a 91 4 banger, 5 speed trany, and t-case worth
  185. cutting fenders on a 4runner
  186. What to do about stripped bolts
  187. Insurance
  188. Replacing shocks
  189. Safe w/ out skids?
  190. Project: Make truck look better
  191. dust seal...
  192. The Worst Brakes In the World
  193. '04 tacoma new owner....happy until today
  194. Tranny fluid change?
  195. Icon Fj40
  196. 16 mpg?? '80 4wd 5 speed...
  197. Could i use these on my 99 4Runner? (coil overs)
  198. I got an Oil cooler? now where should I use it?
  199. Winter Tires vs All-Seasons Siped and Studded.
  200. Ka-CLONK!
  201. Very unusual high-revving accelerating
  202. 22re starting problems help needed ASAP
  203. Do I take out the rear bumpers?
  204. Please help me troubleshoot my Check Engine light
  205. Wheel Spacers?
  206. 22r-e help needed!
  207. Could Rhino-Liner or Line X color match my paint?
  208. speedometer problem
  209. I think a winch would fit in there?
  210. Enkei Center Cap
  211. Identify this intake
  212. How often do you replace oil pan drain bolt & washer?
  213. HOw do I start a poll?
  214. Rear Brakes and Wheeling
  215. best brand of topper?
  216. Can't remove rear wheels?
  217. Where To Get A Good Rebuilt 22re
  218. True Flow
  219. Where to buy NEW transmission?
  220. 3VZ-E Water pump tips?
  221. Got New Tires Today!
  222. woohoo! replacing my clutch!
  223. Diameter of Intake Tube?
  224. Steering Rack Problem
  225. Where is my power steering fluid going?
  226. East Coast 4runners
  227. pickup rear window latch?
  228. Strongest, cheapest tires for 88 bone stock
  229. Pro Comp 8089
  230. Trueflow air filter...good?
  231. TPS bad?
  232. National forests to restrict off-road vehicles
  233. Donate your old rear shocks to a worthy cause!
  234. Supercharging the '96 Taco...
  235. Pitman arm removal
  236. recall problem with dealership
  237. aftermarket hoods for gen 2
  238. Long travel with drop bracket?
  239. 3rd gen 3.4L crap mpg...
  240. studded tires
  241. tire size versus acceleration
  242. Record breaking mileage on my 3rd gen
  243. Rear axle making noise
  244. brakes going out or something help please!!!
  245. Guess this bolt
  246. what to do about rear upper control arms hitting gas tank
  247. Toyota fuel filter
  248. *PICS Spark Plug Gap
  249. Planet Kaizen says Diesel pickups may come to the US!!
  250. What do ya think about these mods?