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  1. Thinking of modifying MAF. Need your input please...
  2. my rear dome light isnt working right
  3. replacment parts
  4. who has 285's on a SR5
  5. Bad "Bucking" When Accelerate In Sand?!?!
  6. Elbow Intake mod (alternative to the deckplate)
  7. Difference in rotor size from 4runner and Tacoma?
  8. fix for tight fitting true flow airfilters---round off the top corners
  9. replacing synchronizer ring (synchro) + replaced clutch + grinding noise?!?
  10. New injectors: Help needed ASAP!
  11. Correct rear drum adjustment?
  12. Starter Problems
  13. 02 4runner shifter after 2" BL
  14. valve lash for EB 268 cam?
  15. Temporary CV boot fix?
  16. Belt squeel resulting in blown AC fuse
  17. High pitch noise when using signal
  18. 4Runner recall on rear springs
  19. Addco Sway Bars
  20. Inner diameter of OEM transmission hose
  21. Parking/Hand Brake Problem... I think
  22. Side or Rear exhaust on a '99 4Runner...
  23. Brembo rotors slotted and dimpled for $220, are you interested?
  24. Car alarm and door locks intermittently dont work
  25. Another Rattle
  26. Hilux Surf Field Monitor installed in a 3rd Gen Write-Up *PICS*
  27. Where to mount the brake controller
  28. Help with clutch noise.
  29. The dreaded CEL - P0441 EVAP Vacuum switching valve etc
  30. Turn signals into DRL
  31. O2 Sensor Troubles
  32. Where to buy OEM carpeting?
  33. Drinking water storage in Gen. 3 runner
  34. 02' Sports Edition Tranny Problems? Any Input?
  35. Door won't open from outside
  36. Seeking Opinions on Doing a Turn Down after Muffler Outlet
  37. Front Bumper assessment? 2002 4Runner
  38. vibrations on 4runner lifted over 2"
  39. when is the mileage too high for you to buy?
  40. Towing my T/R
  41. What spacer kit for a 1.5" Lift?
  42. Which Coils? OME 891 or LC
  43. Coil replacement w/spacer kit?
  44. a little more oomph
  45. What years Tundra brakes for a T4R
  46. cant shift out of 4wd!
  47. 1998 4Runner w\rear brake issues..
  48. 90K service recommendations
  49. Fabtech 6" Lift
  50. Kinda cool poser pic...
  51. What was the OEM tire(s). offered?
  52. Intake Silencer Removal
  53. racerunner coils on ebay, should i get em?
  54. No shock bushing
  55. 3rz Engine noise any suggestions?
  56. found the source of the vibration....driveshaft whoa.
  57. Nice 3rd gen coilover SAC
  58. Pro Comp 2.5" spacer lift? Cornfed?
  59. Dash Board Lights
  60. No Mess Oil Change
  61. Lifted folks: What MPG do you get on 33's/35's?
  62. 2.2" pulley going in this weekend
  63. 3" BL. Need IMMEDIATE Help.
  64. Stock suspension, biggest tires?
  65. Digital clock
  66. Upgrading the injectors in my 3.4, need FSM instructions!
  67. Spare Tire lock options for 2001 4runner (Search done!)
  68. 96 4runner not starting
  69. Another question about Supercharger....
  70. NC/SC yotas lift installation ?'s
  71. 2000 Tacoma TRD AT Problem
  72. Long travel rear shocks for 3rd Gen. Who has them?
  73. Thinking about 35's-Tire Poll
  74. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) on '01 4Runner w/supercharger
  75. What size????????
  76. Transmission Flush ?
  77. Wierd, second wheel stud sheared off
  78. Crickets in your clutch? Chirp, chirp, chirp… Fix’em like this.
  79. need to replace oem do these look?
  80. Gasket material or Silicone RTV for thermostat housing?
  81. Transfer case shifter hot?
  82. Is it worth going from 265's to 315's?
  83. Transmission Knock
  84. Spare Tire
  85. Power antenna
  86. 285/75/16 goodyears mounted on trd ivan S wheels. pics inside and some questions
  87. Rims and Tires suggestions needed
  88. 96-97 brush guard fitment issues?
  89. My custom-made ISR mod
  90. 96 4Runner A/C Clutch Tools
  91. Where can I find used tube bumpers???
  92. Starting and Stalling Issues
  93. Airaid MIT & True Flow filter
  94. OBD II not talking to state's computer...
  95. New Rotors and pads for '02 4Runner
  96. question: how difficult should it be to determine harmonic balance bolt is loose?
  97. Cigarette Lighter Problem
  98. Whats the most weight you have carried?
  99. Tundra TRD 4x4 coils Too stiff for Tacoma?
  100. wrecked '98 taco, ready for mods
  101. taking off limited flares.
  102. bull bar for 3rd gen 4runner?
  103. who's white 3rd gen on the header pictures
  104. starter problem
  105. 98 Tacoma 2wh. 5lug lift?
  106. ISR mod complete
  107. 3rd gen OME dealer in Canada?
  108. Braided or stainless radiator hose
  109. (used) URD Kit Install help
  110. roof rack tower mount
  111. sonoran steel tundra/ome tokico lift + sliders installed
  112. Serious Lift Question
  113. 98 4Runner Dash Removal
  114. Front Lift Setups
  115. brake question
  116. not starting - help diagnose the prob!
  117. Wheel Fitment on a Taco?
  118. My new 1998 4Runner SR5- Dial-Up Beware
  119. Break Pedal Mushy after wheeling
  120. Keeping the rear from saging.
  121. Breaks Squeak
  122. Can you use a helix tbs with a K&N FIPK?
  123. Oil cooler
  124. Extended brake line (or not)
  125. Good Mechanic in Albany NY??
  126. Good Mechanic in Maryland?
  127. transmission interchangeability
  128. Best lift configuration for this truck & this application / need?
  129. 99 Tacoma Pinging??
  130. Clutchless Shifting.. Good or Bad?
  131. PO420 code = Bad cat or O2 sensor?
  132. Exhaust SpinTech or MagnaFlow?
  133. Roof Rack weight capacity?
  134. Struts or Shocks
  135. when to repack wheels berarings
  136. Fog Lights Stopped Working
  137. Body lift without bigger tires (look bad or not?)
  138. Lsd Swap
  139. Engine and Gear Question
  140. The anatomy of a CV
  141. Rear Window Not Working
  142. URGENT!!! Trainsmission drain plug not wanting to tighten.....
  143. Exhaust Gas Temp EGT numbers and install?
  144. My transmission cooler install with pics and questions.
  145. stationary antenna?
  146. Manual windows&locks to power?
  147. Changed my oil this morning and found this...
  148. Wheel Spacers causing steering wheel shake
  149. Rear Squeek SOLVED 3rd GEN 4Runner
  150. VH1: Behind the Lift - Picture Story of the Lift
  151. Jet Chip?
  152. 3.4 vibration problem
  153. proactive starter replacement, painting wheels and bumpers
  154. awful vibrations
  155. What should cylinder compression be?
  156. tieing a matress to the top of 4runner...
  157. 3rd generation front fab
  158. RPM Problems!!!!
  159. 3.4L Timing Belt Issues
  160. Questions on towing
  161. I've been busy with my truck
  162. Loadwarrior+Extension Fitment
  163. Automatic transmission fill location???
  164. should i paint bumper end myself or leave it to the pro's?
  165. Trailer hitch question!
  166. Spark plug gaps
  167. Recent start up trouble
  168. My CB install
  169. Projector Headlight Conversion Complete
  170. Tundra Coils Which is Left? Right?
  171. Probably go with 4.56's for my 285/75/16's, good choice?
  172. What the heck is that smell coming from my Tranny?
  173. Exhaust manifold cracked, should I just install header?
  174. What cluster will work...?
  175. 98 4 runner sr-5...What should I ask for it??
  176. Replacing door lock actuator
  177. 2001 Front Bumper Sport Pkg - replace
  178. Authentic TRD Question
  179. Odd Wind Noise-Video
  180. my paint looks like crap help
  181. I need brake bleeding input please....
  182. Won't start. Help please!
  183. P0125 code
  184. what front lift setup to go with LC coils?
  185. I've got a rattle
  186. Brakes Seizing up.
  187. Install Diff Drop without lift
  188. body lift and gas filler neck
  189. 33's and upper a arm clearance
  190. Which tundra caliper setup are you using?
  191. machine shop in NOVA and MD
  192. GX470 roof spoiler
  193. ome medium duty kit???
  194. I want more towing power!
  195. Possible Group Buy 15'' Black Alloy Wheels
  196. my lift installed.. yet another lift pics thread
  197. Need advice on new tire size buy! (Buying Tomarrow
  198. New black rims and overhead console installed
  199. Friction Modifier: Where? Why? (newb)
  200. New project infested with rodents
  201. Trailer hitch cover mod
  202. Help me diagnose a vibration
  203. What to look out for
  204. Reverse light wire in dash area
  205. How do you seperate the glass from the reflector on a 3rd gen headlight?
  206. oil and idler question
  207. Valve cover gasket replacement and other maintenance
  208. 97 steering rack / stabilizer bushing replacement
  209. Front End Vibe
  210. want to trade '01 grille for 00
  211. light mounting on factory rack
  212. 3month old "brake" squeal and now a axle seal leak.. unrelated, i think not
  213. 2.7L Timing Chain Question
  214. Brother looking at 96 4runner - issues? Things to look for?
  215. Verify Fittment with 15'' Wheels
  216. Tuning in Phoenix
  217. 3.4L Engine Storage
  218. Pics after LC coils install
  219. How well will a 5VZFE run with no O2 sensors?
  220. New Wheels for 4runner?
  221. Just found a leak under the transfer case
  222. rear brake ?
  223. Anyone else tired of the horn?
  224. Back-up Light Switch - 3rd gen manual trans.
  225. Taco '02 dcab leaf packs on a '99 xtra cab?
  226. Space behind driver rear cargo panel
  227. Update On Buying A Used 2000 4runner - Rear Axle Leaks!!
  228. Airaid Jr. Intake: The Verdict
  229. Akebono Tundra Brake Pads - Part Numbers
  230. hell creek suspensions rear leaf springs 1995 tacoma 4x4 ebay
  231. Ghetto-fab MP3 player mount
  232. 12v power outlet question
  233. Odd Noise After Starting
  234. grind tooth off ring for 4.56 gears and arb locker install ?
  235. Loss in RPM's
  236. Auto Up for the Sunrof and the Rear Window?
  237. question regarding rear leafs on 99 taco...
  238. Changing brake pad question
  239. Food oil stains! (interior)
  240. Compass in rearview mirror?
  241. Shakiness after hitting bumps at higher speeds
  242. hood not latching after hood protector installed
  243. Rotor/Brake issues
  244. Dealer put pads in UPSIDE DOWN
  245. 2000 4Runner 5-speed w/ Supercharger!
  246. any problems with 1996 4runners?
  247. 17's or 18's with 33
  248. Magnaflow Exhaust 4x9, or 5x11?
  249. Switch from 3" catback to 2.5", performance loss?
  250. S/C'd Fuel map fuel dump question