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  1. 3.0 oil pan leak
  2. Machine shop pricing.
  3. 95-3.0 Head Gasket
  4. Urgent clutch release bearing Help
  5. 4X4 question/problem
  6. Should it stay or should it go, now?
  7. Battery be OK?
  8. Pickup vs. T100 ...
  9. Yet another Ebay chip
  10. tire vibration
  11. Anyone ever heard of Borg Warner?
  12. nokian tires
  13. 96 tacoma fender flares
  14. new seats for the taco...what oems fit
  15. My little brother joined the Yota family!!!
  16. Finally got 33's
  17. 3rd gen cooling fan question
  18. engine strugle
  19. New 2nd Gen 4Runner Owner
  20. Will these new bilsteins work with the coilovers?
  21. Soon to be proud owner of 1992 4Runner!!!
  22. 1st gen engine swap...
  23. Almost Dead and need opinions!!!
  24. your opinions on Iridium Plugs
  25. Fuel Pump - 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 - what's the psi rating??
  26. Zerk or not to Zerk
  27. New tires! *Pics*
  28. auto tranny not shifting into overdrive
  29. Cam Problem....3.0 builders please look!
  30. What are the best SS brake lines?
  31. Closer 'n Closer...
  32. Yet another 5VZ swap q.
  33. Passenger side coolant leak
  34. Trouble shifting into 2nd...
  35. 95 4Runner altutude problem
  36. anybody ever been to or had any experience with maaco?
  37. Electric Steps are in!
  38. Stabilizer-cheap!
  39. Difficult to brake.....
  40. How much would my TR4 be worth?
  41. Can you get taller gears for hilux diffs?
  42. Air Lift (rear bags) w/ in-cab controller installed...
  43. DS and PS CV axles done ! Thanks all !
  44. Toyota head gaskets break the laws of physics
  45. new tacoma questions
  46. My Master Plan For Modding My 95
  47. How long to do sparkplugs
  48. does there exist a "built" 3.4?
  49. Adding offroad lights what wire?
  50. Power Steering pump replacement -- QUESTION...
  51. oil gallery plug??????
  52. Bad Master Cylinder or something else?
  53. Questions regarding tire sizes
  54. Idle Adjustment on 2nd Gen (1994)? Chilton says cannot adjust - computer controlled??
  55. 4-Runner Rear Window INOP!
  56. 4Hi and 4Lo problems
  57. Reinforce/waterproofing door seals?
  58. Clutch not lasting, Aftermarket Options?
  59. recomendation for high mileage clutches/assemblies
  60. Can't get started to time it
  61. 3rd Gen clunking
  62. Interior Touch-up
  63. Help Quick! Cam break-in?
  64. What general maintenance needs to be done?
  65. Question - Optima Batteries
  66. Tire size question
  67. Cheapest palce to buy tires?
  68. Did you guys see this?? Goodtimes and Darx at the Offroad Expo
  69. Three-way switch
  70. Flooded engine? Don't give up
  71. Clicking sound on my 22re
  72. DH Built
  73. Help me choose please: T-15 or T-17
  74. 87 4runner , Heater not working
  75. Standard Hitch Size 3rd gen
  76. my lovely 22r and it's dying...
  77. 29's to 31's on 84 4runner
  78. 3.oL valve cover leaking...
  79. Braking problem.
  80. Which spark plugs for 3.0?
  81. Front tire alignment issue?
  82. Towing questions
  83. 89 4x tranny on a 86 4x
  84. Tires
  85. New to me 91 4Runner questions
  86. Great gas mileage
  87. Drive shaft lubrication on 2wd 3rd gens.
  88. strong vibration
  89. New engine for my 91
  90. 3VZE and 7MGE parts interchange?
  91. What gears do i have?
  92. Knock sensor or vacuum leak?
  93. Good price to set up front and rear ring and pinions?
  94. Passenger side power window switch problem
  95. Cleaning parts w/o disassembly: opinions about cleaners/techniques wanted!
  96. Help w/ maintenance for 3rd gen (98k miles)
  97. Where can I buy "husky liner" matterial?
  98. Need part number for 3VZ-E block heater please.
  99. Where is the powerband on the 3.4?
  100. Painting my new runner!
  101. Need help of anyone in houston area who owns/drives 1st gen 22re/22rtec
  102. i got a windshield crack = (
  103. I Want An Xrunner
  104. 3rd Gen Wet Carpet Help
  105. weird sound
  106. will a 90 runner int. fit in an 85
  107. CD code on 99 double din unit ??
  108. Removing CV axles on 2nd gen..whats the trick ??
  109. Lots of researching but no opinions found - suspension
  110. Truck failed smog, need advice
  111. t-bars down not up.....
  112. 22r reliablitiy
  113. not going in to gear?
  114. Brake Bleeding?
  115. suspension recommendations on 3rd gen 1999 4runner
  116. 22r and 22re differences
  117. truck won't start
  118. ps pump info
  119. Tight/hard e-brake lever
  120. 4wd operation
  121. standard options 92 vs 93
  122. 99+ 3rd gen HL swap
  123. Cannot go over 2500 RPMs?!
  124. Rough Ride Fix
  125. Blower Switch
  126. 1st gen 4runner cab headliner removal Q
  127. Fuel filter replacement
  128. Drilling a perfectly good roof .....
  129. how off is my speedo?
  130. How to apply touch up paint?
  131. just got a new 4runner, and I need help diagnosing it's problems
  132. 60K or 90K timing belt? for a '94 4Runner
  133. Check out the headlights on the new Hi-Lux
  134. where to purchase tjm
  135. FYI: Hella 500's on sale for $59 at Advance Auto Zone
  136. HELP!! Lots of threads, but no answers? Cat Problem
  137. To buy or not to buy? That is the Question!
  138. Sway bar end link length and how it effects the suspension for on and off road???
  139. downturn to turnout
  140. Heat works fine in back, but cold up front.
  141. 99 4runner - Using factory fog wiring for aftermarket fogs
  142. bumper question
  143. burning oil
  144. How much to rebuild manual trans
  145. Rear axle seal leaking.
  146. Your experience running OME HD coils w/ Bilsteins HD shocks
  147. tacoma ?
  148. Indicator issues
  149. Anyone ever use an Oil Extractor?
  150. local toyota dealer gift checks($425)
  151. Front axle help!!
  152. Can I add power steering
  153. Hitch rating INFO
  154. Good oil pressure at idle but drops when rev'd or driving. WHY???
  155. Any diff btw OEM and aftermarket fuel filters ?
  156. 99 4Runner Antenna Motor
  157. Using Mobil 1, got some smoke!
  158. New shocks on 01 Tacoma ???
  159. 3rd gen. - rust around windshield - need pic of gasket around glass
  160. What is the most gallon's you've put in your 3rd gen?
  161. First time Oil change
  162. 02 sensor rip off....
  163. Uh.. Brake fluid on my paint.
  164. Oppinons on painting rear bumper
  165. Question about E-4WD
  166. So Much For The Factory Alarm....
  167. Deckplate & ISR completed yesterday
  168. Just bought a 99 3rd Gen SR5 4runner with 99K mi, rr diff locker, auto...
  169. over bore pistons...where to find rings?
  170. Bolt on fender flare/trim for Tacos
  171. Stupid Runner has a mind of its own.
  172. White Face Gauges Not Glow
  173. Starter removal on '97 LTD
  174. Tranny cooler under truck?
  175. Pics from my car fire, and my new ride!
  176. removing '4x4' from mudflap
  177. another rough idle problem
  178. Question about steering gearbox
  179. New Trick learned when replacing Starter
  180. Any others have Addco swaybars on their 3rd gens?
  181. Brake Upgrade Complete - A Few More Questions
  182. Best place to get switched power for gauges?
  183. P0420 and then loping idle
  184. air bag tool
  185. Are CAPA certified body parts worth it?
  186. Quesions about air-box-lid mod
  187. crappy pics of my new paint
  188. broken stud on top of Donahoe coil over
  189. sway bar options?
  190. Clutch Components
  191. High Flow Cat Converter?
  192. Replacing rear shocks..any pitfalls?
  193. '94 3.0
  194. Running hot without heater
  195. Timig belt replacement.
  196. Need Help Now...Can't get Balancer off !
  197. 22re No Fire at Coil
  198. Too close for comfort to wrecking 3 slow head....
  199. EBAY Chips? Good or Bad
  200. seafoam in through TB?
  201. Looking For New Calipers [|]-----[|]
  202. Update on CV issues
  203. Can u disable traction control!
  204. cannot set timing
  205. Toyota Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming Instructions
  206. Opinions needed.. and an explination needed
  207. Another +99 headlight mod question......
  208. New pics!
  209. Best Place to buy a Radiator
  210. How to wire up back up lights???
  211. Build Up help/info needed
  212. 3zve fast idle problem
  213. 22re help (just did the timing chain)
  214. Cool toyota rig on ebay
  215. Less than a week old, ALREADY IN THE SHOP!
  216. Transmission question
  217. Patch Panels
  218. E-Brake light barely on, but there...
  219. TRD Supercharger for 2000 4Runner
  220. 2nd Gen electric (pusher) fan question
  221. Can't put back lateral control rod ... Help
  222. warn winch control box wiring diagram help!
  223. Ignition key sensor
  224. Turbo 94 3.0
  225. buying lifted vehicles
  226. 4runner is sold, now i have to find something...
  227. Cruise Control issue
  228. Badly warped rotors--Which rotors should I get?
  229. Removing grille on 2nd gen (93) runner
  230. Looks like I won't be selling my trucks after all...
  231. Got Alignment - Now Bad Vibrations
  232. How to bring the new 4runner home? QUICK!
  233. finally pics of the color matched grey stuff
  234. Need info on 3.4 Power Steering Pump PSI
  235. 4runner transfer case replacement cost
  236. Regular maintenance, what does that include.
  237. Need help with alarm... Lost transmitter ...cant start
  238. New Recall for 1990 4runners
  239. What do you think of this bumper?
  240. Is this really what a cat costs?
  241. rough idle at start 3.0
  242. 2wd tranny on a 4wd truck???
  243. Anyone know where I can find this part?
  244. 2 problems.. w/Pic... First where does this pipe connect on a SC install? 3.4L 99
  245. Rear disc break conversion for 3rd gen?
  246. any one know the weight of a 3.0 3vze v6 toyota 4runner engine ?
  247. Temporary exhaust mod problem
  248. Drag Link failure
  249. Dang The Devil
  250. Anyone know the nut size to sway bar link?