Tacoma War Wagon Gets All the Upvotes on Reddit

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Toyota Tacoma

Redditor’s badass Tacoma overlander looks ready for any expedition anywhere in the world.

Need to go on an expedition? A Land Cruiser would be an obvious choice, especially those that look the part, like the FJ40 and FJ45. Another option, of course, is the Tacoma, whose proven off-road pedigree and midsize-pickup proportions are right for whatever upgrades are needed to build one into an overlander.

And if you’re looking for proof and/or inspiration, look no further than this Tacoma war wagon we found on Reddit the other day, built by Redditor Protaco17.

From the lift and proper off-road rubber, to the heavy-duty brush guard and overlanding setup, there’s no doubt the Tacoma’s owner is ready to go wherever the unbeaten path takes him. It’s also a hit with his fellow Redditors, who have given the Taco a 95 percent upvote rate.

“Beautiful rig man,” says attg. “Inspiration for the rest of our builds!” A few others have noticed the Tacoma looks like it came straight from Instagram, like zoey8068, who asks, “Why are you copying the guys from Instagram?,” and tech-know, who declares that the owner has “the Instagram overland formula figured out.”

Doing it for the ‘gram or not, we love Tacomas like this one. We’d certainly go on a trek to the desert with its owner.

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