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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Forum Rules & Guidelines

This is a newer forum based rules that will be updated.
This one replaces the HTML version we had before.

YotaTech Rules and Guidelines

The YotaTech rules and guidelines are listed below.
Violation of any one of these rules can result in a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban.
Our rules are designed to make your online experience at YotaTech a pleasurable and informative experience for everyone involved.
We have zero tolerance for rule infractions, so be forewarned.

Also - Ignorance to what the rules are here IS NOT AN EXCUSE.
The rules of other boards are of no consequence here.
If you use this forum, you agree to our rules - plain and simple.

If you break the rules we have listed here and we call you on it, we do not want to hear any whining.

Failure to comply by these rules may end up in having your account suspended or terminated.
Some of these rules are also posted on the Registration page you agreed to when you registered here.

YotaTech is operated as a board viewable by all ages, in other words, we fall in between G and PG rated.
If you feel you can not comply with these rules we have stated here, then YotaTech is not the place for you.
There are other boards out there that do allow the stuff that we do not.
Feel free to visit them if you can not follow our rules, or start up your own forum.

Contrary to what some may think here, we do not use a three strikes you are out system.
It is up to the staff to decide infractions here if they warrant a warning, a temp ban, or a full ban.
If you are issued any of the three, please no whining, it is our decision, and ours alone.

We work hard (and for free I might add) to make YotaTech an enjoyable place for all who visit to learn and share their experiences with others.
When we have to take action to enforce these rules, it also takes away from our free time.


1. Inappropriate pics, inappropriate links (direct or to pages with nested links), and all material considered "Not Work Safe"

No nudity (porn) will be tolerated - pictures, links, or links to pages with nested links.
Be sure you thoroughly investigate your links prior to posting them.
Many surf YotaTech from work, and a questionable link could result in the person losing their job since many companies monitor their employee's internet activity.

This now includes threads we have allowed in the past, such as "hot girl pic" threads.
This content is just not safe for those surfing in a work environment.
Sure, many of us like half or fully naked women, but there is just no place for it at YotaTech.
We strive to make YotaTech a home/work safe site, so posting threads such as mentioned can get a person in trouble or fired from their job. Not cool, end of story.

If you think, even for a second, that something is "not work safe" don't post it.
If you feel a need to post something and add "not work safe" to either the title or the post, don't post it in the first place (or remove it if you posted it during a mental lapse)


2. Flaming And Bashing

Our policy is no flaming or bashing - either publicly or by private messaging.
This includes members and staff.
Also, posting to "egg" members on or to entice bashing will not be tolerated.
If you have a beef with a member, take it outside of YotaTech.

The same goes for bashing other message boards or mocking their content.


3. Foul Language And Racial Slurs

Foul language - this also includes trying to get around the word censor using words to replace the "F" word (and others).

We do let a few words slip by that you will hear on Primetime TV, but some words such as the "F" word or fooling the censor with alternate like words will not be tolerated.
Violate this and there is a good chance you will receive an infraction.

YotaTech also forbids the use of any kind of racial slurs (e.g. jap, the "N" word, etc).
If you are not sure, don't use them. Using racial slurs are grounds for termination of your account.

Usernames must follow these guidelines as well. No pot/drug references.

Staff has decided to make up a list of words that are censored and not to be used on the forum at all, and some that can be used with moderation.
Do not click this link if your work monitors your Internet activity unless they do not care what you view.
The language in it that is strictly prohibited is plainly spelled out.

Here is the text file containing the words.


4. Questionable Sellers

This includes selling inferior products and deceiving the membership on what you are selling in the classifieds or through our vendor advertising section.
This goes for members and vendors alike.


5. Spam

This includes signing up here to "spam" the membership into clicking onto a website where you are "pimping" your products, or to rack up points when people click on your website.

If you have legitimate products for Toyotas, then by all means you are free to advertise them in the Vendor Classified section.
Products that have nothing to do with what the site is about, as in printer cartridges, tennis shoes, handbags, consider your stay here very short.


6. Creating A 2nd Account

Creating a 2nd account is grounds for banishment - either while registered here already, or creating one if you were banned.

Why would you need a 2nd account to begin with?

If you have a problem while registering, drop us a line from the info on the Contact page, and we can help get you set up.

This includes Facebook accounts too.
If you created a Facebook account, then you find you can not log in and you create a new regular account, both will be banned.
If you can not log in with Facebook the next time you visit, it is because you are trying to login the way regular members do.
You must login with the Facebook link the way you first logged in.


7. Warez And Pirating

The discussion of Warez software, or pirating software is strictly prohibited.
The same goes for pirating songs and videos.
Backing up your owned material is one thing - duping your buddies movies is quite another.
Threads discussing pirating in any capacity will be removed immediately and the member dealt with.


8. Mocking Or Flaming The Staff

We will not tolerate any mocking or flaming of the staff.
This includes but is not limited to:

a. Posting the contents of a "Private Message" in public view of one you have received either from an admin or moderator.
b. Arguing with mods publicly over a ruling on a member.
c. Pleading for the return of a banned member (permanent ban is FOR LIFE, get over it)


9. Tread Lightly!

To ensure the future of off-roading, promotes the values of Tread Lightly.
Posting about trespassing, making illegal trails/bypasses, littering, polluting, etc will not be tolerated.
This includes posting about going wheeling in an area you do not know is 100% legal. Ignorance is not an excuse.
This is a banishable offense.
For more info go to


10. Embedding Pictures

In the past we use to frown upon pictures in posts bigger than 800x600 pixels.
Most people these days have moved up to newer/modern LCD monitors running at much higher resolution than in the past, se we are not really worried about big pictures anymore.
However a good maximum size would be 1200x1024 still.
If you have bigger, you can always link to the bigger one.

And remember, if you need a photo host, Photobucket is very good, and YotaTech also has space available for you via our photo gallery.


11. Creating New Threads

When creating a new thread, please try to make the title of it match the contents.
When using the search feature, it will find more pertinent results if your title has the correct phrase to match its contents.
A vague title is often a waste of time too, if someone clicks on it and the thread is totally opposite of what they thought it meant.
These threads will be locked or removed at the discretion of the staff.


12. Name Change Requests

When signing up with the forum, please pick a username that you want to keep.
We get a lot of requests to change names, and it is a lot of work to make the change and update the Staff.

We do not mind doing it if, for example, you have a name that reflects your rig, then you sell it and purchase something different, as that is a legitimate case.

But if you really need it changed for some reason, let us know. It is much easier on the Staff if you pick the name you want from the beginning. The name you choose must be appropriate for the yotatech community. If the staff find the username innappropriate, you will be asked to choose another. Failure to comply will result in ban.


13. Fund Raisers

We have had many fund raisers here at YotaTech.
Some of them have been for parts for your Toyota, relief for disaster victims, and recently to help out a member in need.
Folk's, these events need to be passed by Chris or I (Corey) for approval first before you post them.

Please allow us up to 24 hours to get back in touch with you.

Many of these events are very thoughtful and worthwhile, but they need to be run by the Administrators first.


14. Tech Article Submissions

We have a new Tech section now that is replacing the older webpage style one.
The new one is in the forum format, and is linked off of the main index page at YotaTech.
This is a HUGE benefit to YotaTech members since this means that the Tech Articles are now searchable like the normal forum threads.

Click here to read how to submit an article.


15. Searching (or a blatant lack of)

While you will not find a nicer, more helpful bunch than the YotaTech membership, anyone can grow frustrated seeing new threads with the same questions over and over.
A few well spent minutes educating yourself so you ask INTELLIGENT and INFORMED questions will gather much more attention from the seasoned members in the know than a lazy attempt to have the members spoon feed you information.
It is ALWAYS better to add on to an existing thread (if the information is pertinent) than to start another with the same information.
This makes it easier for the next person with fewer threads to pour over to gather their information.

More info on how to search can be found in our newbie section.

A word of warning. If you are a chronic "non-searcher" or if you feel the need to mouth off to either the membership or staff for telling you to search, your stay here will be short-lived.


16. Carfax Reporting Service

When agreeing to your Carfax service, part of the terms and conditions of your contract state that you will not solicit nor charge for running Carfax reports.
It is a single user license.
Due to this, any threads asking to have a Carfax report run, or any threads by a licensed user of the Carfax service willing to run reports for people (for a charge or free) will be promptly removed and the member will be dealt with.


17. Other Clubs And Organizations

Please do not use this board to actively solicit membership for other clubs or organizations.
We do not come to your board and recruit members, please show us the same courtesy.
Recruitment equals spam and you will be banned accordingly.


18. Political Threads/Posts

YotaTech supports land issues and encourages board members to become active both in the discussion and awareness of them whenever possible.
At times these discussions can and will be intertwined with political issues.
YotaTech strongly discourages discussions of political or religious nature due to the inability of such topics to be resolved through an online forum and the resulting arguments that often occur when dealing with such matters.

It is anticipated that our members will naturally have different and possibly strongly held opinions with regard to religious and political matters.
It is also expected that members will respect each other's right to their personal views, opinions or lifestyle.

This forum strives to maintain a family friendly environment.
If you sat down to dinner with friends or family that you knew had alternate views, you would not bring up such topics for discussion.
The same social rules of respectful engagement apply here.
Agree to disagree, Toyota interests are the unifying factor here..

If a member is compelled to continually express their political or religious viewpoints on YT, the user will receive a warning.
If these topics are persistently posted, the user will receive a temp ban and finally a permanent ban.
If a member feels that these rules are an infringement of their personal rights or liberties, that member is welcome to find any of the other countless forums available whose rules and guidelines will allow the full expression of their religious or political viewpoints.


19. Illegal Activity

Illegal subject matter is not permitted here on YotaTech.
Threads describing activity or events that promote or encourage people to break the law will not be tolerated.
Links to sites with such subject matter are also not allowed.
Some examples would include tricks as how to improve a vehicles worth by fooling potential buyers as to actual condition or mileage as well as ways to abuse or vandalize vehicles.

Since laws will vary around the globe in regards to vehicle modifications it would be impossible for YotaTech to set a standard that would comply to all regulations or be aware that such laws exist.
It is up to the individual viewer to verify mods here on YotaTech fall within what their local jurisdiction will allow.
What works in AZ might not be tolerated in New Zealand.

Search engines crawl over YotaTech 24/7.
Threads and posts are a reflection of YotaTech as well as our users.
Consider the ramifications of posting such subject matter with your name attached.


20. The "Spirit Of The Rules"

Due to certain activities over the past few months in the forum the mods feel that the following addition to the rules is necessary.

"The spirit of the rules"
The "spirit" of the rules is difficult to describe in "black letter" law because it is fluid and context based, for example everyone knows the difference between a picture that is just sexy [PG-13] and one that is pornography but the legal definition changes depending on where you are making it difficult to define.
Yet most everyone has a similar "standard" for what is and is not acceptable.

There are some activities that may not violate the rules as listed but can be termed as violating the "spirit" of the rules because by their nature they make this forum and/or the off-road community in general less enjoyable to be a part of.

Everyone knows what breaking the "spirit" of the law looks like, even if they can't describe it. If you partake in douchebaggery, or act like a toolshed or jackwagon, you'll get an automatic infraction or repeat offenders banned. Because this new rule is meant to cover the 'grey areas' a ban would only be instated as a last resort with the agreement of a majority of the mods.


21. Threads With Non Descriptive/Misleading Titles

Threads with non descriptive/misleading titles have been appearing more and more as of late, and we are hearing reports from the membership that they are tired of it.
Please click here for more information.
Off topic we do not really care about, but if it is tech related, we would like the see the tiles phrased correctly.
It helps with keeping the search feature here to run smoothly.


22. For Sale Items in Yotatech Market Place-AKA: the Classifieds:

For Sale Items must be in the Classifieds---**Not in the Tech Section**
**Classified Rules Link (click here)**

a) Thread Title:
EX: "Want To Sell: 1985 4Runner $5500 Los Angeles, California"
must have: Item, Price, Location in thread title

b) All items must have description, contact info, price and location in the ad. listings missing these items will be deleted with out notice. Location in sig/profile info is not accepted.
c) No Ebay or Craigslist links. Listings will be deleted. Feel free to use the classifieds, just take time to do a complete ad.
d) No proxy posting, posting for a friend, another or vendor.
e) No Guns in the classifieds. These listings will be deleted.


23. Post padding just so you can get past a set limit in order to post something for sale once, and then never return.

This really falls under "The Spirit of the Rules" but alas we continue to see this - so we felt we need to spell it out. If we see this kind of activity, all of your superficial comments used to post pad - (like: Looks good, Wow, etc) will be deleted, and you may face a ban.

24. Contacting Corey:
a) if you have a tech question about his FJ, camping equipment he uses, and general items feel free to contact him,
However if your question relates to:
b) how to post a thread, why your thread was deleted, why you can't post in classified yet and items such as these:
We have several moderators that can more than likely handle issues that you may have (pick one & click on the name)

Below is an example of our current infraction system we use here at YotaTech.


Our goal here at YotaTech is to provide a friendly atmosphere that is safe to enjoy both from home and work.
Feel free to give us feedback in the "Feedback" section on the forum.

This page will be updated as the Staff sees fit.
Last update was 9.01.11

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bumping this as we have been dealing with a lot of violations lately, mostly language.
Please review the rules if you have any doubts.

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Bumping again. Please note the addition of Rule #23!

23. Post padding just so you can get past a set limit in order to post something for sale once, and then never return.

This really falls under "The Spirit of the Rules" but alas we continue to see this - so we felt we need to spell it out. If we see this kind of activity, all of your superficial comments used to post pad - (like: Looks good, Wow, etc) will be deleted, and you may face a ban.
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bumping due to addition of rule #24, a route we did not want to take but some folks are just not getting the point about when to contact Corey....Contact a mod instead, we can handle the majority of your issues..

24. Contacting Corey:
a) if you have a tech question about his FJ, camping equipment he uses, and general items feel free to contact him,
However if your question relates to:
b) how to post a thread, why your thread was deleted, why you can't post in classified yet and items such as these, :

We have several moderators that can more than likely handle issues that you may have (pick one & click on the name)
Aviator*Tofer *Vital22RE*Fink*Deathcougar*Dropzone*Iamsuperbleeder*

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We need a bump of this as there are getting to be more violations lately.
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**Name Changes**
If you want a name change..Fine, no problem it takes a few days to go through. Just send a PM to one of the Mods and we will make it happen. It is just easier to think of a name you are gonna stick with.
sometimes it takes a few days to go through, but it will eventually.
A) is grounds for getting yourself banned, (see the rules)
B) it creates unnecessary work
C) it won't go through

you agreed to rules when you sign up, don't click yes if you don't understand the rules...
They apply to every one...
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