Tacoma Fan Shares Three Best Aspects of Owning a Taco

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One of the things this popular YouTuber praises his Toyota truck for may surprise you.

When you live with the same vehicle for years, you learn a lot about it. You become familiar with its quirks. You may discover that some of the things that you initially liked about it have become pet peeves. Ultimately, the characteristics that have motivated you to keep it for so long become crystal clear.

In this video, a YouTuber who goes by the name Rob Daman boils down why he loves his third-generation Toyota Taco Supreme (aka Hard Shell Taco) to three reasons.

yotatech.com Things to Love about the Toyota Taco Supreme

No 1.: Reliability

We saw this one coming and we know why Daman put it on his list. Toyotas (especially Toyota trucks) are legendary for being able to take abuse and keep going. However, they’re not perfect and Daman makes sure to acknowledge that. “Toyota has a long history of being reliable, albeit there’s been issues of the rear diff leaking. I also had that on my truck, which is fixed. And there’s been other issues. The automatic transmission guys have been having problems with the shifting and they’re working on that, but overall, this truck will not leave you stranded.”

No. 2.: Resale Value

yotatech.com Things to Love about the Toyota Taco Supreme

Even though Daman has customized his Taco Supreme with decals, wheels, tires, lights, and other components, it’s likely he’ll sell it eventually. He doesn’t hold onto vehicles for very long. Good thing Tacomas don’t depreciate rapidly. Daman says, “I’ve seen some low-mileage second-gen Tacomas sell for 30,000 plus. I can see if I have to get rid of Hard Shell Taco that I won’t be losing my shirt on it.”

No. 3.: Safety

yotatech.com Things to Love about the Toyota Taco Supreme

Even though the Tacoma received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest rating of Good for its overall Crashworthiness, This kind of took us by surprise. We thought Daman would mention the Tacoma’s off-road abilities. He says, “I’ve seen different posts … of people having unfortunate accidents and they’ve all walked out. I mean they had some mean accidents that could’ve been a fatality, but it actually saved their life.” His reaction makes total sense, though. He doesn’t just have more mods to make to his Taco Supreme (however long he keeps it). He has three children to take care of.

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