YouTuber with Jaguar Tastes has Four Reasons Why He Bought a Tundra

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How do you get from owning a luxury car to buying a pickup truck? By focusing on practicality, initial investment, reliability, and resale value.

There are plenty of reasons to buy a new truck, but which truck to buy is a source of constant debate. YouTuber Mike Hicks decided to get himself a 2018 Toyota Tundra Limited, but that wasn’t even close to what he initially thought he wanted to drive.

Hicks is in the habit of swapping out cars every six to 12 months. His last car was a Jaguar that he kept for longer than normal, and when he started shopping, he was thinking more along those lines. He was looking at a Porsche, M3, or maybe a GT-R. And yet he ended up with a Tundra.

Toyota Tundra

How do you get from wanting a luxury car to a pickup truck? Hicks came up with four reasons for making his decision. He focused on practicality, initial investment, reliability, and resale value.

If you look at Hicks’ initial list, practical wasn’t really a part of the equation. They would have been fun to drive, but they were completely impractical. As a real estate agent, he needed something that worked with his lifestyle, which could include hauling away trash or carting in construction materials. A truck makes a heck of a lot more sense than a GT-R.

Toyota Tundra

Now, he could have arguably had more fun in other trucks. He mentions the Ford F-150 Raptor or Platinum or even a Super Duty. Fun, yes, but also darned pricey and that would have broken with his second objective of keeping the initial investment under control.

Hicks has lots of solid reasons for going with the Toyota Tundra and makes a compelling case for why this was the perfect truck for him at exactly this moment. What do you think? Is his reasoning solid?

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