Coolest Toyota Land Cruiser that Drove from Canada to Vegas

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We spotted this awesome Toyota Land Cruiser in Sin City after it made a 4,675-mile off-road journey to get here.

Expedition SEMA 2018 is the third trip from Canada to the SEMA show in Las Vegas for intrepid driver Aaron Brown and his navigator Ed Goff in their rebuilt and then heavily modified 1970 FJ-40 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Their journey began at the abandoned Trail Creek border crossing in Montana. From there, they followed the Continental Divide Trail to try and get to the Mexican border in New Mexico before turning northwest to Las Vegas. As they navigated the Colorado Mountains, heavy snow forced them to divert through the west side of Utah’s Green River in order to make it to their destination near Hachita Peak in New Mexico.

Brown, the owner of Garage Shop in Catawba, NC, came up with the idea for the first epic trip to SEMA when he visited the show in 2015. He decided to come up with a vehicle that would test the products he used in a trip that would include the harshest conditions America could offer. As a result, each journey from the Canadian border to SEMA so far has ranged from the high desert to snowy mountain peaks.

Brown said, “We’re going to drive the FJ40 Land Cruiser nearly 4,000 miles on dirt roads and straight into SEMA, no washing, no waxing, no cleaning, nothing. Exactly like it came off the trail, even if the fenders are falling off,” and, as we can see, he’s held good to that again this year.

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