Awesome or ‘Aw, Hell No’: Toyota Truck Mods of Reddit

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2000 Grind Hard Plumbing Co Tacoma

Some hit the spot, but others really miss the mark. You be the judge on these modded metal monsters.

Some modifications can add extra brawn, style, or capability to a truck. On the other hand, when mods go wrong, they can really take the whole truck down with it.

We came across these Yotas on Reddit and thought they represented the spectrum from awesome to “aw, hell no!”

Rock-crawling Perfection

2000 Grind Hard Plumbing Co Tacoma

This 2000 Tacoma, named “The Crunchy Taco” was built by the car and truck building team at Grind Hard Plumbing Company. They documented the build on YouTube.

The Crunchy Taco was once completely totaled. The guys rebuilt it into a sick off-roading beast. Amazingly, the cost was somewhere around $2000! They used a stock suspension, added some huge Nitto tires, added Trail Grapplers, and wheel spacers. The result is a fully capable (and street legal) truck with unique rugged style.

Foghorn Longhorn

Toyota PIckup Mod

We love the deconstructed style of this Yota truck, especially the longhorn hood decor. It may not be done perfectly, but that is why it works. This truck is clearly a daily driver, and it would turn our head on the road. We love its one-of-a-kind style and efforless attitude.

88 Retake

88 Toyota Pickup

This 1988 truck is looking so fresh and so clean. The owner wanted a good lift, and finished a SAS, gears, lockers, 4” Trailgear springs up front and 63” Chevy leafs in the rear. He also added 12” Bilstein 5125s up front and 14” in the rear. He’s also got 5.29 gears with 35/12.5/15 Falken Wildpeak MT. This older truck has a new lease on life, and on the trails.

A Stretch Hilux?

Toyota Hilux Reddit

We don’t have a lot of info on this Hilux spotted in Canada. We do, however, have some questions. Okay, we will concede that these mods were executed well. But, why? The Hilux is pretty badass as is, is this necessary? Not to mention, this has to make it less accessible to drive.

Yeah, it’s a no from us.

Mural on Wheels

1982 Toyota Pickup

Now, we have to say first off that wow, this 1982 truck looks to be in great shape. And then we look a little closer. What. Is. That. Usually this type of artwork was found on vans, in 1977. It’s a little jarring to see this image of what we’re guessing is the Tasmanian Devil mirage scene painted on the side of an otherwise kickass truck. It doesn’t really go with the vibe of the truck’s other mods. But, it is kinda’ funny.

Oh, Dear.

Toyota Carolla Ute

And then there’s this. So apparently a Redditor came across this Toyota Corolla built into a ute. We’re certainly not opposed to a smaller pickup or ute in theory. But building it from a Corolla? Okay….We’re going to say hard pass on this mod gone wrong.

What do you think of these mods? Let us know in the comments, or sound off in the forums!

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