YotaTech Members Talk Camouflage Dip & Wrap Recommendations

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Camo Wrap Toyota Tundra

Thinking about shaking up the look of your Toyota? Here’s how to do it.

These days, vinyl wraps are all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. Wrap jobs are much cheaper than a paint job and require far less prep, yet look just as good. They offer up virtually unlimited options, and changing them is as easy as peeling off the old wrap and starting over. So it’s no wonder that many of our resident Toyota fans here at Yota Tech are curious about the best way to cover their trucks in camo wraps and/or dips. And you’ll find plenty of great recommendations right here in this thread.

“Does anyone have experience working with camo vinyl wraps like these?” asks 5wider.

Member blake.nemitz chimes in and shares the killer results of his wrap efforts on his Toyota truck.

“I did not do the camo, but I did wood grain and black. The stuff is easy to work with. A heat gun is your friend as well as keeping all the surfaces clean. The black vinyl is so thin that the dash texture comes through.”

Toyota Truck Vinyl Wrap

He’s also kind enough to share some detailed tips to anyone looking to wrap parts (or the entire body) of their own Toyota truck.

“You’ll want a very sharp knife. Or, if you can get your hands on a scalpel, those are the best for trimming the hard areas like the speaker vents and edges. It is hard to trim a strait line, so I used pinstripe tape dropped on the ground to make the backing not so sticky and used that as a guide.”

But even after all that, he actually recommends going with a different product he discovered from Camo Dip Kit.

“For the money, hydrographing would be a lot easier, look better, and is less than $100 for a DIY kit. I’m going to hydro dip the dash in my first gen in camo, because after 5 years the vinyl looks like poop and is peeling by the heater vents. Check out YouTube videos on it. It’s an easier process and way cleaner.”

Camo Dip Kit

That was enough to motivate the OP to wrap his entire Toyota truck. And needless to say, it seems like he was rather pleased with the results.

“I finally got a camo wrap from Camo4u and did my truck – turned out AWESOME.”

Do you have any experience with dipping or wrapping your Toyota or some various parts on your truck? If so, head over here, tell us about it, and be sure and share some pics to show off how it turned out!

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