Redditors Show off Their Toyota Tacomas Playing in the Snow

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Sure, we already know that the Taco is great off-road. But it’s quite capable of tackling that slippery white stuff, too.

As you already know, Toyota trucks have quite the reputation when it comes to off-road capability. But unless you live somewhere in the snow belt, you might not realize that those same capabilities translate nicely to that nasty white stuff so many people loathe. But when you own a Toyota pickup, traversing slippery ice and snow-covered roads isn’t harrowing – it’s actually fun. That much became abundantly clear recently while we were perusing the many Reddit posts dedicated to the Toyota Tacoma.

While many (mostly in the South) tend to bunker up and stay home when snow falls, Toyota Tacoma owners typically do the opposite. Even if it’s just to show off how much of the white stuff their trucks can hold, like

Toyota Tacoma

Many others prefer to show off their Tacos taking on slippery conditions out in the wild. Which is where they thrive, honestly. Count Tastytaco22 among them. Only two months after swapping his Jeep Wrangler for this clean Tacoma, he certainly isn’t regretting his decision.

Toyota Tacoma

There isn’t much snow on the ground where MeDuzZ- prefers to take his truck. But that doesn’t make the scenery any less gorgeous.

The same goes for slimjoey14tango, who came across some unexpected winter weather while adventuring across normally sunny SoCal.

Toyota Tacoma

Those who drive in the snow a lot know that it isn’t all pretty, however. But
TtheConqueror isn’t afraid to show off the nasty, dirty side of things.

Toyota Tacoma

Have you taken your Toyota Tacoma on a snowy jaunt recently? Be sure and head over here and share some pics of it with us – whether they be of the scenic or muddy snow variety!

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