Restored 1985 Pickup is Proof that Toyota Trucks Don’t Die

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After being off the road for 10 years, Xtra Cab Pickup has a new lease on life.

There are certain products that were made to be disposable: cameras for wedding reception guests, fast food wrappers, contact lenses, etc. Toyota trucks were not. Just look at this 1985 Pickup. Even though it sat dormant for 10 years, it never died. Thanks to Greg’s Restorations, it’s more alive than ever.

The Campbell family has owned the truck since it was brand new. They bought it at a special time in Toyota history. According to Greg Ward (the Greg in Greg’s Restorations), the 1985 is a “one-year-only truck” because it has both a solid front axle and a 22RE 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with fuel injection. Over the next two-plus decades, the Campbells racked up 286,000 miles on the odometer. 1985 Toyota Pickup Restoration

The Campbells eventually stopped driving it and left it sitting for 10 years. It was neglected, but not forgotten. As Ward puts it, the Campbells “couldn’t get rid of it just because … it’s part of their family.” The Campbell kids eventually convinced their father Gerald to do something with the old family truckster and he decided to trailer it all the way from his home in Louisiana to Greg’s Restorations in Massachusetts. 1985 Toyota Pickup Restoration

Over the course of a year, Greg and his team completely ripped apart, refreshed, and frame-off restored the truck. They handled the frame, bodywork, suspension, axles and five-speed manual gearbox, but had other experts restore the blue cloth interior and 22RE engine. 1985 Toyota Pickup Restoration

Some parts of the restoration required looking into long forgotten records. Jeremy Pontbriand of Greg’s Restorations says, “I even had to look into old trouble service bulletins from the early ’90s to address things that this truck never saw at the dealership.” 1985 Toyota Pickup Restoration

Greg’s crew added fresh decals as well as a few modern touches, including a mild lift, new wheels, BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, and a Smittybilt rear bumper. They may not be factory correct, but they look great and help prepare the Pickup for more decades of Campbell family adventures.

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