Forum Member’s Third 4Runner Restoration Is the Charm

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Toyota 4Runner SR5 Turbo

Follow along as this member’s obsession with 4Runner Turbos comes to a head with this beautiful restoration.

We often liken the love of Toyota trucks to a sickness, but in a good way. Well, maybe except for the health of your bank account. Otherwise, catching the Yota bug is akin to falling head over heels in love, albeit with an object rather than your significant other. And it’s quite clear that YotaTech member Charles4x4 has more than a little thing for Toyota 4Runner SR5 Turbo models, as he discusses at length in his latest build thread.

“This forum and all of you have been such a huge wealth of knowledge to me through my three ’87 4Runner SR5 Turbos. It’s time that I give back a little. It’s not much, but I want to take some time to create a build thread for the restoration project I just started on my 3rd ’87 SR5 Turbo.”

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this story is the fact that the OP’s first two 4Runner Turbos were absolutely gorgeous. But for whatever reason, they just didn’t feel “right” to him. Thus, months of searching produced his latest ride, which looked like yet another gem.

Toyota 4Runner

Despite that, this old 4Runner still needed a good bit of work. So the OP got to work making a list of everything it needed, then ordered a few dozen needed parts. And of course, formulated a plan. Which included a color switch to brown metallic. Thus, the teardown began while the OP searched for a suitable paint shop.

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A new lift kit, rear leafs, and slotted/drilled rotors went on next. Followed by shocks, calipers, and a refresh on the interior parts. With some dash repair, paint, and new carpet, things were looking like new. New stereo equipment soon arrived, followed by various bits including fresh chrome and an antenna mast. And while all that was going on, we got a little sneak peek at the shiny new brown paint!

Toyota 4Runner SR5 Turbo

As of right now, that’s where this story ends. But you better believe that we’re more than a little excited to see this 4Runner come together. Judging by how fast the OP has moved thus far, we’re also betting that won’t be long from now. So be sure and head over here to stay tuned to what is one of the more detailed and satisfying build threads we’ve seen in some time!

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