Land Cruiser Saves Couple from Machete-wielding Thieves! (Video)

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The only thing stopping these armed thieves was a Toyota Land Cruiser kicking ass and kicking up dirt. 

Bryant and Lauren Swenson are very lucky. They encountered a terrifying situation while in Kenya. They happened upon a gang of car thieves who then started chasing them while brandishing machetes! But thankfully the couple escaped danger thanks to some quick thinking, and an ever quicker Toyota Land Cruiser.

In this dashcam video released by the Daily Mailyou see the Swensons approach the thieves attempting to rob a van while they traveled on on a rural stretch of road in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. The van takes off, and the thieves come running at the Swensons.

Bryant throws the Land Cruiser in reverse and puts the pedal to the medal. He then shifts into drive and blows past the creepy criminals. Soon after that, law enforcement showed up on the scene and gunshots can be heard.

According to The Daily Mail, Bryant posted that “Just before encountering the bandits, we passed two armed police on foot. The gunfire you hear at the end of the video are the cops engaging. We are thankful to have been gone before the gun battle erupted.”

The Utah-based couple moved to Kenya to open a crossfit gym. And despite this incident, the Swensons are still happy with their new home. Lauren posted on Facebook that “Kenya is an amazing place. We have grown (and been stretched) since moving here, and we have come to know Kenyans as some of the warmest, most welcoming people. This incident is an exception, not the rule.”

Thankfully, they escaped this incident thanks to some stellar driving and a trusty, tough ride. This would make an effective, albeit crazy, Toyota ad.

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