Toyota Tacoma with 1.2 Million Miles Keeps on Chugging Along

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With shockingly little maintenance, this Toyota truck has covered enough miles to travel around the earth 49 times!

Remember when 100,000 miles was what people would refer to as high mileage? Used to be, once you crossed that magical mark, it was all downhill. Nothing but endless maintenance and shelling out money every few weeks to replace worn parts. But Toyota, in part, changed the game by building vehicles that were capable of going much, much further. Well over a million miles, in fact. At least, that’s how far this incredible 2008 Tacoma has traveled in its time on this earth.

In this video from YouTuber Toyotajeff in Raleigh, we get a detailed look at this incredible truck. Amazingly, the owner, Mike, has logged every single one of its 1,218,880 miles over the last 11 years. So how in the world, you ask, did he manage to rack up so many miles in such a short period of time? “My job is to deliver nuclear medicines throughout North Carolina and Virginia,” Mike said. “I average probably 425 miles a day. I’ve gone as high as 800 miles in a day. So far this year, it’s about 106,000.”

Delivering medicine for cancer patients is obviously an important job that requires a reliable vehicle. “You’ve got to have dependable transportation,” he notes. “That’s why I got a Tacoma.” But no matter how inherently dependable a vehicle is, it still requires maintenance. “I change the oil approximately once a month,” Mike said. “It’s usually right around 7-10,000 miles. I change it myself.”

Million Mile Toyota Tacoma

Amazingly, he didn’t have to change the spark plugs until the Toyota truck hit 704,000 miles. And the suspension is still 100% original, as is the transmission. The engine, however, isn’t. “I replaced the engine when it had 880,000 miles,” Mike said. “It needed a head gasket. It never overheated, but it was using one quart of oil every 4,000 miles.”

Million Mile Toyota Tacoma

An incredible story, indeed. But just further proof that Toyota makes perhaps the most bulletproof and reliable vehicles on the planet!

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