4Runner & Highlander Nightshade Editions Roll into L.A. Auto Show

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Toyota 4Runner Nightshade

Against the sunny backdrop of L.A., 4Runner and Highlander Nightshade SUVs emerge from the shadows with dark accents, stand-out styling.

YotaTech recently spent some time on the floor of the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show in search of the latest and greatest from Toyota and the aftermarket. While there weren’t any big debuts from our favorite truck builder this time around, there were still a few new things we found that we’d like to share with you.

Back in early November, Toyota announced two new additions to the Nightshade Special Edition family: the Camry Nightshade and Highlander Nightshade. The two models join the 4Runner Nightshade (launched in Texas in late September 2018), and all three were on display at the L.A. Auto Show. Of course, we’re here for the 4Runner and Highlander.

Based on the 4Runner Limited trim, the 4Runner Nightshade wears black accents all around, from the front and rear bumper spoilers, to the trim pieces on the doors, windows, and badges. Of course, the pieces blend in with the Midnight Black Metallic paint, but that only adds to the mystique of the 4Runner Nightshade.

The 4Runner rolls on 20-inch wheels (also black), and the interior has black trim pieces on the steering wheel, console panels, and the shifter knob among other places. If vantablack were an option, we’re sure Toyota would apply it to the 4Runner Nightshade.

While the 4Runner Nightshade is available now, the Highlander Nightshade won’t be hitting the lots until January 2019. Based on the Highlander SE trim, this limited-edition Nightshade looks amazing in Salsa Red Pearl, which shows off all of the black accents on the outside. The 19-inch black wheels look really good under the red body, too. The Highlander Nightshade will be limited to 5,000 units, alas, but for those lucky enough to own one, they’ll have an SUV that will turn more than a few heads.

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