20-Year-Old 4Runner Masters 6,000 Miles of Open Road

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After spending most of its days gathering dust, this mostly-stock 4Runner hit the road, proving that age stands in the way of no Yota rig. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the Toyota 4Runner, it was built to last. The 4Runner has always been a favorite for hitting the road, and dominating off the road. But when we came across this tale of a 6,000 mile road tip on Reddit’s 4Runner subreddit, we knew that this cool open-road adventure was a little different, and definitely special.

Reddit user Caseation recently posted about the journey. “She usually sits in my yard and sees less than 500 miles a year,” Caseation wrote. “Last week I drove her over 6,000 miles from Pittsburgh, to the Grand Canyon, to Vegas, and back. From highways to rocks and mud to sand without a hiccup. Not bad for a 20 year old tank.” Not bad indeed!

Toyota 4Runner

Caseation shared a nice gallery of pictures documenting the trip. And as you can see, this 4Runner performed admirably on all kinds of terrain and driving conditions. Even more impressive is that this 4Runner is still running mostly stock.

“Pretty much all stock with 150k miles on it except the tires and shocks that I replaced before leaving,” Caseation wrote. “Still original transmission, clutch, and everything else besides the timing belt and rear axle seals and bearings….The only problems I have ever had with this thing is keeping the rust away.”

Toyota 4Runner

Clearly this tank had no problem hitting dirt.

Toyota 4Runner

Caseation added that the 4Runner’s sharp appearance was a little at-home project using a stock grille. “It’s my DIY Satoshi mod. I just cut out the center of the old one. Added some Bondo, some spray painted wire mesh from Lowes and [added] an FJ emblem from eBay.”

We can’t help but wonder why isn’t this rig getting more use? Caseation explained that “It’s mainly my junk hauler or take to camp and beat-up-in-the-woods car at this point. But I cant seem to kill this thing so I wanted to see how far it would go.”

Toyota 4Runner

Don’t underestimate a 4Runner, this 20-year old has plenty of miles left to go, don’t fence her in.

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