Instagrammer Transforms Tacoma into an Awesome RV

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Builder has turned three Tacomas into RVs so far, has launched a company to start building and selling them to other Tacoma fans.

Once upon a time, Toyota teamed up with RV builder Chinook to build one of the first-ever mini-motorhomes, all on top of a Hilux cab and chassis. The 1973-1978 Toyota-Chinook was a huge hit with RV fans due to its fuel economy and small size, as well as the RV’s excellent handling. And because the Hilux and its RV section were both built well, you’ll still see Toyota-Chinooks on the road and the campsite to this day.

Today, the Hilux’s North American cousin, the Tacoma, has become the platform for an RV build, as well. Steve Mitchell, known on Instagram as atc4x4 has spent over a year building a trio of Tacomas into his take on the famed Toyota-Chinook.

ATC4x4s Toyota Tacoma Camper RV

According to Mitchell, the first Tacoma RV was prototype for what he intends to do once his business, called ATC4x4s, is up and running. After the bed and the rear window section of the cab are removed, Mitchell works with a vendor for the camper shell, which is made of FRP composite panels. He says the result is a “lighter, stronger” shell with better insulation than his first, hand-built example.

ATC4x4s Toyota Tacoma Camper RV

His first two Tacoma RVs were painted with bedliner, but the one above still has its stock paint. Mitchell plans to offer bedliner or stock paint treatments to his future customers. As far as being RVs go, each Tacoma lives up to the legacy of the Toyota-Chinook RVs, and then some; Mitchell’s Tacomas have a full bathroom on board, for one.

ATC4x4s Toyota Tacoma Camper RV

We definitely need more modern Toyota-based RVs like Mitchell’s Tacoma campers on the road. Four-wheel drive, rugged looks, Toyota reliability, who could ask for anything more?

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