Is the Toyota Tacoma Tougher than Chuck Norris?

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Well no. But in a new ad, the Tacoma shows it might just be a worthy successor. 

In Toyota’s new advertisement for the Toyota Tacoma, they get none other than Chuck Norris to pass on some of his legendary grit to the truck. The results are awesome.

In the ad, Norris is just hanging out, doing the usual: Karate-chopping cinder blocks on the sidewalk. A fan sees him and asks if Norris will autograph his Toyota Tacoma. Now, touched by the hand of Norris, the Tacoma comes into its own as a tough-as-nails badass.

Chuck Norris Toyota Tacoma

We see the Tacoma perform a number of awesome feats, including doing burnouts that form Norris’ face with the tread marks.

Chuck Norris Toyota Tacoma

Of course, the Tacoma is featured as a hero, as the spot says, it is “tough as Chuck.” This includes saving people, street fighting, getting down at the club, and surfing a massive wave.

Chuck Norris Toyota Tacoma

A voiceover says “From the clenched fist of a legend, rises a new action star….”

There’s a cute twist at the end with Norris, and it’s a funny ad that showcases how tough and cool the Tacoma is. Let’s face it, to hardcore Taco fans, it is the Chuck Norris of trucks!

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