Toyota Hilux Makes Rare Stateside Appearance at SEMA

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Toyota Hilux SEMA

Modded out by Truck Hero, Hilux shows off its serious off-roading chops at SEMA. 

As Yota Tech makes the rounds at SEMA, we found this Toyota Hilux stood out. Firstly, because it is not everyday we come across a Hilux in the United States. And secondly, because wow. This beefed-up Hilux has all the right mods to make any truck fan drool.

The Hilux was created by Truck Hero and they went with a custom truck that had a little more muscle, and a little well earned attitude.

Toyota Hilux SEMA

Custom accessories such a Retrax tonneau cover, roll bar, and step up bar give the Hilux some extra rough and ready styling.

Toyota Hilux SEMA

A slight lift and rugged tires give the short bed truck solid off-road capability. Not to mention it just looks very cool.

Toyota Hilux SEMA

It’s always cool to come across a Hilux, especially one that has perfectly executed modifications. Unfortunately, it also makes us disappointed that we can’t pick one up in America.

We will be bringing more coverage from SEMA, so keep checking in for more exclusive content.

Photos for YotaTech by Nolan Browning

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