Toyota Hilux Literally Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Toyota Hilux fail

Hilux driver loses patience, and then car parts. 

Have you ever gotten yourself stuck in your truck? Mud, a narrow pathway, an unforgivably steep incline…these all can be troublesome, and very frustrating. So we feel the pain of this Toyota Hilux driver. He appears to have come in too hot and gotten lodged against a rock wall. Never fear, he’s got a plan to dislodge his Hilux. Well, we didn’t say it was a good plan.

The video comes to us from Reddit’s Argentina page. The title is perfect:”There was an attempt….” We don’t want to spoil anything, but as you might guess, it doesn’t turn out well.

The worst thing to do when you’re stuck is panic. Which this driver seems to do. Also, try to steer away from the obstruction. He does the opposite. Drive slowly. Nope, our man goes full pedal to the metal. And the results?

There was an attempt from r/argentina

Ouch. That pretty Hilux is gonna need a little buffing out.

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