Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002: How to Install Rearview Backup Camera

Learn how to install an aftermarket rearview backup camera on your Toyota 4Runner with the help of this article.

By Jerry Perez - January 29, 2016

This article applies to the Toyota 4Runner (1996-2002).

Rearview backup cameras are single-handedly one of the simplest but also most convenient features in modern cars. At first a luxury, but now a common standard item in many vehicles, backup cameras engage when you put your vehicle in reverse, and a tailgate mounted camera feeds images into your center console monitor. Depending on the year and trim of your 4Runner, it may not come with one. Use the following steps to learn how to install a rear view backup camera to your 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner How to Install Rearview Backup Camera

Materials Needed

  • Backup camera kit
  • Flat head and Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill with drill bits
  • Anti-rust grease

Step 1 – Prep for mounting

There are several places to mount the camera, but the most common one is below the 4Runner emblem over the license plate. Follow these steps:

  • Using the appropriate screwdriver, remove the license plate.
  • If there is no hole, use the drill and drill bit to drill one.
  • If there is an existing hole on the body behind the plate, feed your camera wire into it.
  • Open the tailgate.
  • Remove tailgate panel with the help of a flat head screwdriver.
  • Find the camera wire, pull it and route it toward either taillight.
  • Remove taillight and expose the wiring.
  • Wire backup camera to the reverse light wiring.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 1. Hole behind license plate.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 2. Remove tailgate panel.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 3. Remove taillight.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 4. Wire camera to reverse light wiring.

Pro Tip

Apply anti-rust grease to any holes you drill on the body.

Step 2 – Mount camera

This step could vary depending on the model, brand, or style backup camera purchased. Follow these steps for a general reference of how to mount the camera itself:

  • Use the drill to drill two holes adjacent to the license plate light bulbs.
  • Use screws to mount camera mount to the holes drilled.
  • If mounting on license plate directly, simply slide camera onto the license plate itself.
  • If mounting elsewhere, repeat Step 1 similarly.
  • Run wiring through body along taillight wiring.
  • Wire to desired source of power.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 5. Run wiring to power source.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 6. Mount directly on license plate.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 7. Bumper mounting position.
  • Installing rearview camera
    Figure 8. Trunk handle mounting position.

Step 3 – Wrap up

Once your camera is plugged in to a power source and your monitor of choice, follow these steps to finish the install:

  • Make sure all wiring is properly tied down and organized.
  • Remount taillight if haven't done so.
  • Snap inner tailgate body panel back on.
  • Remount license plate.
  • Test camera.

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