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First Pickup/4Runner, guidance needed.

Old 09-05-2011, 02:13 PM
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First Pickup/4Runner, guidance needed.

Hi everyone, I just joined the forum. I have been reading through some of the topics, and there seems to be a solid community of knowledgable people here, so i figured this would be the site to gather some advice, opinions, and information. Sorry if this is in the wrong place by the way.

Basically this will be my first 4x4 vehicle. So I would appreciate any insight you all may offer.

I am from SW Pennsylvania, and right now I am stationed in Northern Texas. Pennsylvania is not known for its rust free vehicles, so I figured this is a good opportunity for me to pickup a solid vehicle to take back when I finish my technical training.

I have narrowed my choices down to a 86-95 Truck, or 4Runner, I just cant decide on what Engine, Trans, etc. Ideally I would like an extended cab pickup with a 22r/22re 5speed. However these seem to be in high demand and the prices I have found arent in my range, or if they are they have problems.

I am trying to spend no more than $4k on this vehicle. I have found a couple options locally, such as:
91 4runner with a 3.4l swap, only downside is its an auto trans. It has some mods.
91 4runner with a 22re and a 5speed.
86 4runner not sure what motor, but its a 5speed, and it has some mods.
and plenty of regular cab pickups with a 22re and 5 speed, as well as plenty extended cab pickups with the 3.0 /5speed.

So I need this vehicle because I will be heading back to Pittsburgh just in time for winter. I will be using it primarily to commute to work so I want the best fuel economy I can get, but I also would like reliability as well. Eventually It will get turned into a weekend toy, so Id like to start with a good foundation.

So what would you all reccomend I look for?

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Old 09-05-2011, 02:27 PM
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Do you plan on wheeling at all or lifting it with tires etc?

Personally I had a 90 4runner with the v6 and it wasn't ideal with fuel mileage, my 94 reg cab 22RE 5spd was a lot better at the time.

If it was me I would get an ext cab 22RE 5spd, if you can find one in good condition. I like me ext cab a lot better then my reg cab F250 that I drive a lot also. It is so nice to be able to put things somewhere and be able to carry someone else with you.
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Old 09-05-2011, 03:10 PM
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personally go with 79 to 85 solid axle is where its at 5 speed to and you can get the re in the 85 but i like the carburated ones i personally dont like ifs solid axle way better puts some 35s or bigger and re gear it to 529s i get like 24 highway with my gears and 36s
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Old 09-05-2011, 03:43 PM
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3.0 = power of a 4cyl and the thirst of a V8....

i would get a standard cab, 4cly 5sp...
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Old 09-05-2011, 03:59 PM
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^ So true

Originally Posted by paintwerk View Post
Ideally I would like an extended cab pickup with a 22r/22re 5speed.
Sounds like you've got a pretty good idea of what you want. My suggestion would be to hold out until you find the perfect truck for YOU at the right price. It may take a while but it will be worth it.
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Old 09-05-2011, 05:34 PM
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Ok the 91 four cylinder 5speed is a rare bird where I live that would be a good one. Do NOT buy a 3.0 they are nothing but trouble . I have a 86 pickup and u can't go wrong with a truck. The Converted 3.4 would be really the best bet. If I ran across one I would buy it in a heart beat.
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Old 09-05-2011, 05:41 PM
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Any of those 4runners you listed would be good. The '86, being an '86, will have a 22re. The 3.0L v6 didnt come out until '88.
I have a '95 with a 22re. Not a powerhouse, but still quick for what it is. I get 17-19 city and 23 hwy if I take off my roof rack.
The 3.4L converted one would be nice, IMO. 190HP, 210 ft/lbs of torque, if not modded up. Automatic, yes, but still delivers low 20s for hwy. And you could always swap in a manual trans.
My single cab 22re 5sod 4x4 truck still only got about 22-25 MPG hwy with stock tires, and it didnt change much when I had 31" tires on. So, IMO an extended cab or 4runner would be best, if you need the room.
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Old 09-05-2011, 05:54 PM
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I wouldn't say the 3.0 is NOTHING but's still a good engine, I have 2 of em! but if you have some other choices I'd probably go with those. the 91 22re would be an awesome truck. the 3.4 swap would be cool too, but who knows if the guy did the swap right?? I don't see a lot of those for sale around here, usually if people take the time to engine swap they're gunna keep the truck...unless of course something goes wrong. it doesn't sound like you're gunna wheel it hard, so forget about everyone that says get a solid axle. a newer truck would serve you much better.
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