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1st Gen 4Runner vs FJ60

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1st Gen 4Runner vs FJ60

Recently I have been looking into FJ60 Landcruisers, but it seems to me that that 1st gen 4runners have many advantages over them! If we compare a 1985 4runner and a 1985 land cruiser, we see that the 4runner has: Electronic fuel injection, paired to a 5 speed manual transmission, whereas the land cruiser of that same year had a carbeurated engine paired to a manual 4 speed. If the land cruiser is the more premium vehicle why does it seem like the 4runner has a much more advanced drive train? I get about 20ish mpg with my 22re, and I am reading that FJ60s only get 10-13 mpg?? It seems obvious that as a daily driver, the 4runner is superior. I have read on land cruiser forums that many FJ60 owners have an economy car and the FJ60 is their off road rig, but isn't the 4runner better off road as well? EFI is certainly a plus on steep hills, and the more compact size of the 4runner definitely allows it to fit into places better (Also wheeling with the roof off). I could see that you could say that the FJ60 is better for overland/expedition type travel, but I would want better than 12 MPG on a long trip! I also read that the FJ60 is comfortable at 60-65 on the freeway, but my 4runner can cruise at 75+ easily. With 4 people, having 4 doors would be nice. Getting in and out of the backseat on the 4runner can be a challenge, but the backseat DOES have alot of room once you get in. The FJ60 would definitely be better at holding a roof rack, considering the fiberglass can hardly hold any weight, but a large roof rack would just drop the MPG even further. The 2F engine has a bit more power, but the land cruiser is also much heavier. I will admit, I love the looks of the FJ60, and I would love to buy one, but it just seems prehistoric! The FZJ80s are definetly alot more premium than the 90's 4 runners, but they don't have much character to them. Am I totally wrong about this? Does anyone else have any input on this?
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Sacrifices to both vehicles..
60 has 2x's the room as a 4runner.
cruisers are called Pigs for a reason. They outweigh 4runners by probably 1500 lbs.

a 60 with a LS swap would be awesome. Or a 4BT.
The simplicity of the 60 series is a big draw,
character can be built into any vehicle...all depends on your budget and skills

I would do a lot of research on ih8mud.

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Like Dropzone says^^^, I think it's a toss-up, depending on what you want to do with your rig.
To me, the FJ60 feels and looks more ancient next to the 1985 4Runner. Maybe Toyota designed it to be more long-lasting? But many of us already saw how much abuse the Hi-lux (basically same chassis as the 1985) can take.
And maybe the FJ60 came stock with a locking differential?

Re: The PIG!
The look only a mother could love - LOL!
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Interesting, about using the HiLux/4Runner for overlanding, I just came across this now...
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I am a first generation 4runner owner and have owned Hilux based trucks for 30 years, but I have to admit that I think FJ60 has an incredible style. I'm also starting to feel a little cramped in the Hilux based trucks. I think I would like the extra room that the Land Cruiser has. The FJ 60 also has a lot more room under the hood which allows for more engine swap possibilities. I am thinking about possibility of running a Mercedes OM606, in line-six diesel, in an FJ60. That is something you couldn't do with the first-generation 4runner.
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Red face

The Land cruiser I would take in a second over the 1st generation 4Runner

I can keep a carb running almost forever to much can go wrong with the EFI far from the beaten path

It was never meant to be pretty take you out and bring you home

It all comes down to what your use is
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Originally Posted by wyoming9 View Post
... take you out and bring you home...
MEH! This FJ60 had to be towed by a Defender - LOL!
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I think Toyota's approach to the Land Cruiser is similar to NASA's space shuttle computers: use what has been proven to work over and over and has the "bugs" worked out of the system. Use the older technology that we know works and you can't go wrong. That is the point of a Land Cruiser. Use the latest version and get burned by malfunctions (like the latest Windows 10 updates that causes issues).

Now, in hindsight, Electronic Fuel Injection is better for the average vehicle while being able to adjust more precisely and accurately to changing conditions and has proven to be very reliable.

The FJ60 series was "behind the times" even when brand new in terms of styling and "the latest technology" and was not really a premium vehicle as you would think of one today. The luxury Land Cruisers really started with the 80 series.

In the end, it depends on what YOU want your vehicle to do, what features you want the vehicle to have, and generally how you like each vehicle as a whole. Both the 4Runner and the Land Cruiser have been proven to be great, reliable vehicles. If it were up to me, I would take both!

Originally Posted by RAD4Runner View Post
Re: The PIG!
The look only a mother could love - LOL!
Just give it some time.

The look of these Land Cruisers are really starting to grow in me!

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