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loose wrist pin! knock?

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loose wrist pin! knock?

i have a 94 22re with about 160k miles. This all started after towing for 400 miles with a 2500lbs trailer, i was around 4000rpm most of the trip to keep up with traffic before the trip i advanced the timing and ran 93 octane , there was no pinging during the trip. After that trip i have a WARM start knock. it only last 3-5sec and goes away. i have driven the truck for about 5000 miles since the trip and it hasn't gotten worse or better. i have ran 50 weight oil and it doesn't affect the noise, during the trip i was running 5-40 rotella.

before the trip i replaced the timing chain using the eb kit and a new aisin oil pump, i removed the old plastic guides from the oil pan. after researching google for a similar problem the only thing i came up with was a loose wrist pin. Hopefully no excess silicone got in the motor and is blocking up a oil passage. so what do u guys think is it a blocked oil passage or a loose wrist pin or something competently different. oil and fuel pressure are both normal.
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Low mile engine to be having major mechanical problems( but sounds like you are an aggressive driver).

What makes you think it is wristpin noise?

Big end damage is much more common.

Without hearing it it is impossible to say. I have heard rod knock many times , somtimes quiet somtimes loud, but it allways has a similar low frequency sound( knock, duh) that follows engine RPM. You might have valve train noise or piston slap.

Given when you started hearing it, the problem was probably allready there and your towing trip made it worse. If it is rod knock ( much more common the wrist pin noise), then how long the engine lasts will depend on how you drive. I would make sure first of what the noise is, and if you think its a rod, or wrist pin then its rebuild time.

Usually rod knock gets worse at higher RPM's, over 2000.

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I would guess that your rod and main bearings are going bad. That`s more common than a bad wrist pin.
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or just piston slap ..

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after talking to some more people i think its a worn main bearing, Besides that one trip i never really beat on the 22re since Ive owned the truck its never hit redline the highest i ever had it was around 5000, its still really strong motor it made 89rwhp and 120rwtq on a dynojet last month, right before we dynoed a 22re celica and it only made 75rwhp. time to rebuild for boost.
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No mechanic here. I know nothing about wrist pins but have been told that my 87' has one knocking. Where and how do I begin with repairs.
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I have an 89 22re with around 250000 ,and it has had a knock when first started and when the engine is between throttle and coast for the last 2 years. The oil pressure is good and it runs good, I even towed another Toyota a couple miles with it .It has only had around 3000 miles put on it since I bought it, so it may be about to blow, but I am going to run it and hope it is a wrist pin and drive it.
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My guess would be a connecting rod bearing. You could drop the pan and check them. Just grab the rod cap and try wiggling it back and forth (like tire to tire) if any move at all then that is your noise. A temporary fix would be thick oil but it won't last forever.
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