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Squeaking sound when starting truck....

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Old 12-31-2005, 08:26 AM   #1
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Squeaking sound when starting truck....

This has been going on for years AFTER I washed my truck or a real hard rain. I've always attributed it to the hood scoop leaking and getting water on the belt/pulley and causing the squeak. Up until recently, it was only after a wash or hard rain. Now...It seems to be happening much more frequently and without any water involved. It doesn't do it every time I start the truck but quite often, I will hear a rather loud squeaking sound for 5-10 seconds when I start the truck. It's not a worn out belt because the belt was changed at 100k miles. I'm now at 142k. Several people I work with have recommended some belt dressing which is supposed to lube the belt and the pulleys. I don't know if there is a bearing going out in a pulley, a pulley just needs some lube or what, but it's bothering me. It doesn't do it while idling, just when I start the truck up. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Possible the alternator bearing is starting to go? It's under the most load right after startup, to start recharging the battery. Also after rain, when the wipers, lights, and heater fan have been working. It probably wouldn't do it on frequent restarts (within an hour or two), but might be common to happen in the morning, after driving in rain, and in the winter (longer dark time= use lights more). Anyone else have other suggestions?
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Mine does it too. I have noticed it again. I think it is due to increase in day time temps. which have affected the humidity levels.

It is a belt on my truck, but goes away after the engine is warm.

It is annoying, but I don't think it is a big deal, as my truck has new belts and is mechanically sound
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It's just very light surface rust that forms on the engine belt pulleys, during periods of high humidity, and/or when they get wet due to rain, etc.

It will go away after a few miles of driving.
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Well, I sprayed the belt with a belt treatment that I got from Advance and it hasn't squeaked since (after several starts), but now I hear what seems to be a clicking sound. I'm afraid I've got a bearing in a pulley that is fixin to go out on me. Maybe it will go away after the belt dressing dries.

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Old 01-01-2006, 06:21 AM   #6
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My '90 was notorious for squeaking from the belts and pulleys. Minor pulley misalignment will cause it and belt dressing will reduce it, eliminate it or change it to a "clicking" sound. Other than being annoying, it isn't too detrimental.
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the stock belt on my 04 is shot with less with 30k miles on it. I havent changed it yet but it sqeaks a little in the rain sometimes.

I wouldnt be surprised if the belt is just getting worn out...you say you have 42k on it

BTW Toyota recommends inspecting/changing at 60k then inspecting/changing every 15k thereafter.

I guess since I've had lots of water/mud splash up mine is going bad a little prematurely.....
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sounds like i have the same problem. there is 15200km on my 1999, i changed the belts around 30 kilometers ago. every year for the last 2 years i run into this problem when the temp. starts to drop -5 to -20c. even with the new belts the truck still whistles on start ups. when the egines is warmed up it stops. i figure its' a minor problem so i try to ignore this anoying whistle. maybe toyotas juar don't like the cold.
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