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1993 4R Build Thread

Old 05-23-2019, 06:48 AM
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1993 4R Build Thread

Originally on T4R but I spend significantly more time over here

When I first purchased it:

So I picked this truck up April of 2018 with some known issues

1993 Sr5 4Runner 3VZE R150F 5Sp 4x4
Current mileage as of 5/23/2019 -- 271,XXXX

Issues I knew of, all parts Toyota OEM where specified

1.) Major electric gremlins involving wipers, rear wiper, rear window
THIS WAS THE WORST to troubleshoot -- In the end the relay in the wiper switch in the column was busted. Ended up getting a used working wiper stalk setup from ebay and swapped the boards because mine was in better shape. Took about 2 month to completely solve

All together ready to go back in

2.) Leaking oil -- suspected VCG
Combination --- the oil filter kept coming loose. Switched to toyota and I do my own changes. The VCG still leak but not horribly

3.) Rear pinion leaking
Took to toyota -- they fixed it

4.) This thing needed a tune up bad, it ran like ˟˟˟˟ and couldn't hold timing (it would pulse under a light) it needed Cap/Rotor, plugs, wires, timing, water pump (which exploded in my driveway) and more. I have done everything listed here, some pictures now

Timing belt had at LEAST another 2-3k miles on it (this was done Dec 2018 with the WP when it went)

This is an indication of everything else on the truck that you cannot see right away. It was a buried treasure of maintenance.

So Fast forward to now things that have been done:
Tune Up
New fan (not clutch) after it exploded, this required a new radiator as well.
New Rear OME Medium load springs
Billistein 4600's all around
New upper and Lower Japanese 555 Ball joints
New OME Torsion bars
New Energy Suspension Bushings all around (Control arms done still working on the rest)
Outer hub bearings repacked
New Front rotors
New front disks
Brake Bleed
Trans fluid changed to Redline MT90
Transfer Case flushed
Front diff flushed
New Fuel Filter
31x10.5x15 Falken Wildpeak AT3W (5)
ALIGNMENT (best thing yet I think)
Custom Sliders
CB Setup and Antenna setup in OEM antenna location

Now pictures:

After a nice Wash/Clay/Wax

I will let you determine what is going on here

Die size for the torque arm in the UCA

Ohh Pretty -- assembled finally

All the suspension bits finished, it is a bit more even now after they aligned it and set the suspension height and new custom sliders

Better pic of sliders

All the work besides the sliders and Rear pinion was done by me either outside in my parking spot or up in my Dad's heated shop. It's been a learning curve with lots more to go.

Future Plans:
Finish bushing replacement
Front Bumper/Winch
Gears/Lockers -- 4.88 Gears for 33in tires, rear ARB locker probably open front

This is so I can keep track of it and have one place to put it all. I spend the most time on here so I figured I'd put some history together. This will be a slow process for now hoping to get going on it when I get into a house with a Garage because eventually I would like to throw a 5vze in it.
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Dug through my phone

From the Spring install, bump-stops were not longed for this world. If anyone has a solution for new bumps let me know:

Spring Comparison:



Nice picture from my parents driveway, rear springs in but the front is untouched:

How it flexes with no bumps, the rear sway bar is in and connected -- Without any of the front suspension work

Some fresh tracks in a recent storm out here in CO --Current up to date picture as of this post

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The 4Runner is looking great so far!

Thanks for sharing!

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COMTB (05-29-2019)
Old 06-17-2019, 06:37 AM
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Minor update, getting ready for July 4th in Crested Butte

Starter began to fail, belived to be caused by the valve cover on the passenger side leaking oil onto it -- surprise surprise. I've had the VCGs sitting in my closet for months now not wanting to pull the plenum but got into it this weekend. It went smoothly minus some previous owner gems (shown in pictures). Only problem I have now are the crush washers for the cold start injector, sigh. So it's not leaking fuel that I can see but the truck is running like garbage down low and at low throttle again. My thoughts, it can't hold fuel pressure because the timing is fluctuating about 2 degress under a light. So I already ordered the two crush washers from toyota parts deal this weekend and I am checking my local dealership this morning. Fingers crossed this is the issue I didin't mess the TPS up when I removed the plenum with the TB attached.

On to pictures

Pictures of some of the vacuum/egr routing and the cold start injector :-(

FSM EGR Routing

Cold start injector

TB Side excuse the finger

Passenger side valve cover off

Who hurt youuuuu (gift from PO)

The valve covers appear to not be leaking as of right now so I'm hoping the cold start injector crush washers fix my issues. I will be looking to grab a reman Denso starter from my local napa to throw in and possibly service/rebuild this one if it is a toyota denso unit. My hope is that the oil degraded the contacts or at least left it repairable because it was 100% fine then just started taking a few attempts to get the starter to turn. I get a single click and nothing.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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Short update, crush washers on and torqued to spec no change in how bad it runs. Went back through all my spark plug cables and found at least 1 that was cracked from heat and probably shorting. These are Denso wires maybe 4-6 months old. Second set that did this, I will be going back through and checking routing etc again with a new set of NGK's (all I can get locally for now) to see if it at least smooths out.
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Another minor update before getting back to work on it today, at some point it might be nice to drive it for awhile without having to fix something (modifications don't count haha).

So it's running again, stupid little things.
1.) All new NGK spark plug cables, had been using OEM Denso but I couldn't find them locally. I actually like the NGK wires/boots better than the Denso they had a nicer and tighter "snap" when I put them on and they fit better in the some of the smaller plug holes (cylinder 4 specifically)
2.) Removed each plug and re-gaped any that were off, and there were some that were so that's on me for not being thorough before putting the new ones in (I could have sworn i checked them with a gauge but so be it)
3.) Pulled EFI fuse for a reset

All that it's back to running how it was before I did the VCG with the added bonus of turning the heat on and not smelling burning oil.

Today/This weekends work
1.) replace starter with new Denso unit (sadly built in Mexico not Japan but it was all I could get on short notice), it is the 1.6kw cold weather package model. I ordered from the denso model on their website for this truck so fingers crossed it fits.
2.) replace wiring, the wiring at the battery is scary to say the least, with a tiny spliced wire providing power to the relay/fuse block on the passgenger side of the bay. I have heavier gauge new wire to run and new terminals to put on when I have the starter out.

I know this is pretty mild for now but the truck was pretty neglected when I first picked it up and I have a steep learning curve on some of these things since I do not want to shell out thousands for some of the work that it's needed. I'm in the process of saving for a house next year so I can have a garage to work on it in, that will lead to much more fun things like a 5VZ. But it will continue to get slowly built until then.

Thanks for looking and hope you have a great weekend!
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old87yota (06-23-2019)
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So update as to the shenanigans this week.

Got everything replaced and put back together, fought with some melted plug wires for a bit, regapped my plugs and she ran good (great isn't something I can use for how this has ran since I bought it but it's way better).

I bled the clutch and took out some nasty nasty fluid, since it hasn't been shifting great. Dropped it off at a local shop and the mechanic I chatted with mentioned seals being an issue because of all the sediment I had in my fluid. I ordered a new aisin master/slave that arrived today. Currently waiting for a call to see if it was my lack of ability to not get air in the line or the master/slave need to be replaced.

I can't wait to just drive it and enjoy it...crested butte next weekend for some muddy fun hopefully.

Hope everyone is having a good week
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Clutch master came out in pieces and had a ton of plan in it that was reducing my pedal travel significantly. That is fixed and it's a brand new truck that hasn't driven this well since i owned it. I still had more I was hoping to get gone but I"m happy with being able to take it and go play for the fourth.
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