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89 1st gen Runner rear seat swap

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As an update, I think the seats I put in are from 90, not a 95. I don't think it matters, but I went back to the craigslist ad to contact the guy about buying the carpet and it said 1990. These seats are way better than the non SR5's that I had, and very comfy, but maybe its because they are from an early era 2nd Gen? My fronts are from a 94, and they are way better than the stockers that came in my Tacoma.
Did 1st gen Runners all have the option for a split fold rear seat? or did it start in later years? I have seen all years with them, but I read that it was first offered in 88? Is that true?
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Usually, the early models, the sr5 had the split seat, the Deluxe had a bench seat that would fold and stand up, but not lay flat with the back.
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88/89 SR5 seats were split/fold flat seats. Earlier ones did as well, i've never seen one that didn't.

Thanks for the write up!

Also, when my rear window doesn't work... it's usually because someone hit the window lock or rear wiper switch! (i've troubleshot for hours just to find the switch was depressed)
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Digging up this old thread... I'm knee deep into this thought I'd share my progress/learnings on my 86 4Runner.

If ended up getting the bottom cushions to swap over using a lot of zip ties and some steel wire as well. The frames are different enough that hog rings will not work.

On the 86 frame, I trimmed and grinded the two perpindicular steel rods that extend past the frame since I didn't want them poking through my new fabric. The later model seats are more contoured (cut in more) than the 86 cushions/frames which are more boxy. I added some closed cell foam to pack in the dead space.

Here's the seat bottoms look like done:

Here's what the 92 seat frame looks like bare (note the 45 on the outside corner vs the boxed one on the older model - this is where the foam packing is needed):

On the seat bottoms, both the hinge mounts and the locking cam are in different places - if I was to do it over again, I would have relocated these brackets and re-used the 92's seat frames.

Seat back hinges are practically identical:

Here's where the difference is on mounting. The latches on the 92 seat are several inches lower than on the 86. My next step is to look into how easy it is to lower the latch loop on the body vs swapping the upholstery. I can see that there will be some hog ring/zip tie issues again. I plan to cover the backs in diamond plate, so I want a flat surface for that mounting. Will provide an update shortly when I get the back cargo area trim off.

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Some updates from today. I got the seats all bolted in...

Regarding the latches, I pulled the trim panels and there's only dead air below the latching loops. Looks like I'll be paying my friend with a welder a trip tomorrow.

Seat back hinges - turns out that the bolt holes from the 86 are space about 1/8" further apart, so I ended up swapping the outer hinges from the 86 onto the 92 seat backs - bolt right up.

The center hinges from the 92 bolted right up to the body holes on the truck.

Overall fitment:
-The seat backs are very snug against eachother. You can still separate them, but without that effort they will move up and down as one unit -- they're that tight
-top cushion to bottom cushion fit. There's a decent size gap between the top and bottom cushions - enough to put your hand in between. Most likely because I cranked the zip ties down tight on the seat bottoms. It's not terrible, but doesn't look like it's right either. If I get the energy later, I may try to redo these.

Here's a pic:
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Old 02-13-2012, 10:44 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by AustinTaco View Post
The front seats came out of a 93 or 94 SR5. they bolt in, but the driver side is off by less than an inch on one bolt so I "flexed" the seat into position and tightened it up. Well, that works, but I think the "flex" caused the wire that moves the right side of the rails to loosen and my seat became stuck in one position. Fine for me, but a pain if My girlfriend wanted to drive. Yesterday, while doing everything else, I took out the front seat and modified it. I couldn't get enough tension on the control wire thing to release the right side and let it slide so I just opened it permanently by wedgin some plastic inside the spring. It slides, but its only locked on one side...not the safest, but even if the force from a wreck were to send you flying forward, your seatbelt is what's going to stop you, not your seat. If this doesn't work, I will figure out how to make it work properly.
So, to answer your question, yes, 2nd gen seats work, but you will be off by one bolt hole. i would recommend drilling the hole in the proper area or making a small bracket.

Update on my experience with the 2nd gen front seats:

On both sets of front bolts they are close but require stretching the frame. Reaming the holes wouldn't leave much metal to retain the seat.

I ended up taking mine over to District Fabrication in Portland. He showed me that the two inner most front mounting feet if swapped would line up perfectly. He drilled them out and rewelded them and they worked perfectly.

The outer driver side rear bolt then lined right up. The remaning rear bolt was close, but required cutting and welding a plate to get the existing hole to line up (too close to drill right beside).

On the passenger seat, the prior rear holes were way too far forward. I discovered that there was an existing hole already threaded in the floor in the exact spot for the outside rear bolt. It wascovered with a sticker. That left one new hole to drill for the inside rear bolt.
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Great write up. I am book marking this so when I get to this part of the build. Thanks.
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Some more progress pics from today on the seat swap:
(Credit to Mike Hogan of District Fabrication of Portland for all of the metal working wizardry)

C channel being cut down to relocate the rear seat latches lower for the 92 seats:

Welded in:

Just when we thought we were done, the latches turned out to be too short. We fabbed these 1/4 spacers. Worked perfectly:
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Finished up the remaining tasks this weekend to call this project done. Had to move the inside rear driver seat mounting leg slightly forward and over to the right. Also, got my diamond plate seat backs all mounted up - now just need to Line-X them.

Here are the pics from Friday night:

Seat leg removed:

Leg with some metal added on to allow repositioning:

Diamond plate seat backs:
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sub for furture use. looks great might wanna swap seats if i find a clean set
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Finishing touch. I put rubber on the bottom of the rear seat (kind of like a big mud flap) to fill in the void between the seat backs and the floor since I no longer have carpet in the rear.

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