What’s Up in the Forums: Members Show Off Inexpensive Mods

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Cheap Mods

Short on cash but have the itch to improve your ride? Check out these ingenious mods.

If you’re anything like us, you have a constant, burning desire to modify your truck. Sadly, this desire to change things (hopefully for the better) usually costs some serious cash. But even if your dreams exceed the scope of your bank account, there’s still hope. Because a host of cheap mods are up for grabs in this member driven thread.

The rules are simple – nothing complicated or pricey. Just simple, easy changes that make life better. And our members have them to share – by the hundreds.

One of the most popular cheap mods, first offered up by dibble9012, is about as simple as it gets. Mounting a maglight holder in your truck keeps your flashlight secure until you need it.

“The best cheap mod on my truck was a maglight holder in front of the drivers seat, no more lost or loose flying around flashlight!”

cheap mods

But flashlights aren’t the only thing worth strapping down, as Cedarbarn points out.

“My best cheap mod was to my ice chest. I bought some stainless steel U bolts, drilled through the chest, attached the U bolt with a plate inside so the nuts will not pull through. Now I can ratchet strap my ice chest in my bed, without tearing the handles off when I am driving the trail to camp at Barnwell Mountain!”

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to protect the underside of your truck, either. V_man reinforced his gas tank skid plate with nothing more than a bunch of #3 rebar.

cheap mods

Jolene‘s slick mod is an old iPhone mounted with a hinge in the slide out cup holder. It stays hooked up for music and GPS, but folds down and into the dash when not in use so thieves can’t see it.

cheap mods

Ztbailey1 spend a grand total of $30 to fashion these custom roof rack mounts to store all his off-road essentials on.

cheap mods

If you get tired of antenna clearance problems, 93Xtra-Cab has a fantastic solution.

“I haven’t gotten to use my quick fold-down that Chef sent me for my 4′ Firestik because if I were to fold it down, it would just swing everywhere. So today, I finally fabbed a little antenna holder that attaches to one of the bedliner screws to keep the antenna in place while it’s folded down. No more scrapping the top of the parking garage at school.”

cheap mods

Homemade skidplates are a popular mod for many members. With a few tools and a little bit of fabrication, you can save a ton of cash, as Benson X undoubtedly did.

“I bought a 64″ x 24″ piece of 3/16″ thick A36 steel and used a combination square to start marking my cuts, welds, and bends. I had never welded before, but with the help of a fellow Taco buddy, we cut out each piece with the plasma cutter, and started welding it together. We test fit each piece along the way to make sure the factory mounting holes lined up.”

cheap mods

These are but a few of the dozens of great ideas we found over on YotaTech. If you need some inspiration or have some cheap mods to share, be sure and drop in here!


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