The Most Original 1978 Toyota FJ40 You’ll Ever See

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There are vintage Toyota FJ40s, and then there is this stunning, perfect, and very green Toyota FJ40.

The Toyota FJ40 is an icon of the automotive world, let alone the off-road scene. Because of their age, most samples ever encountered on the road are either heavily restored, aor completely modified to meet modern standards. Well, not this green beauty.


This video by Jonathan Ward brings us what he calls “by far the finest original example he’s ever seen.” It’s easy to tell, really, as everything about this FJ40 is what kids would call nowadays “on point.” The exterior is exquisite, and so is the interior, but how good does it drive? After all, these aren’t necessarily known for their ride quality or creature comforts, and 39 years of adventures must have taken their toll.

Check out this awesome video and find out!


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