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Some 3RZ swap Questions

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Some 3RZ swap Questions

I've got a 1989 4x4 Pickup...
I'm pretty tired of my 22RE it's weak and it seems to just have problem after problem related to the age of the tech. I've made up my mind I'm going to do a 3RZ swap. (this isn't my first swap, I've got an LS1 in my 95 240sx... so I'm no stranger to the kinds of stuff involved)

I've done a bunch of research and searching already... I'm really just looking for confirmation and a little clarification before I start dropping money on this stuff.

1. I really want one with individual coil packs per cylinder... Am I correct in assuming that I'll need to source the motor from a 2000+ Tacoma/4Runner?

2. I believe I've got a W56 transmission currently, I've heard that I can replace the bell housing with one from a W59 and that will allow the 3RZ to bolt up to my W56... is this correct?

3. Also is there anything else I'd have to change on the transmission? I'd imagine I use the appropriate flywheel/clutch and throw out bearing for a W59 but retain the slave and fork from the W56 is this a correct assumption? Is there anything else transmission related I'd need to worry about?

4. I've heard some people claim that you you need to use an oil pan from a T100 to improve the clearance with the front axle. Currently I'm IFS but I've got a 4" skyjacker drop kit on it along with a 3" body lift... I'd suspect that clearance wont be an issue no matter what I use but it'd be nice to have some confirmation.

5. I've found these conversion mounts: (which is great because I don't have a welder) i was curious if these would effect the engine placement at all... my concern is if it would shift the transmission/transfer case such that I'd need to modify everything related to those in order to use these mounts....

6. Air Conditioning... anyone swap that too? I'm curious if the original lines (or even the original compressor) from the 22RE will work, or if I'll have to get custom lines made.

7. Does anyone make a cross-over exhaust pipe for this swap? As I said, I don't have a welder so being able to buy something that bolts up will make my life easier, if not I can always throw a turn-down on the header and dodge cops as I drive to the exhaust shop to have one made... not that big a deal.

8. I realize wiring will have to be customized as well as PS lines, Fuel Lines, Radiator and Heater Lines. Is there any other aspect of this swap I'm leaving out?... any big things I should be considering before jumping into this?

9. Any recommendations for good places to source the motor, ebay seems to want $2K+ for just long blocks which seems BS to me... I'd be happy with a 60K mile pull out as long as it's got all the wiring and accessories I need. I plan on calling some local scrap yards once I have some answers for the above... I wouldn't mind other suggestions though.

If you're still reading this thanks!
I would be very grateful for any information or feedback you could provide!

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totally a bro
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I would call up all the wrecking yards in your state and see which if any, have a complete donor that they just got in so you can get everything you need from the same vehicle.
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1. 2000-2004 for individual coil packs and bigger fuel injectors (pink tops)

2. correct

3. Use the flywheel, clutch, throw out bearing, slave cylinder and clutch fork from the w59. If you get a motor out of an automatic make sure to remove the flexplate spacers before installing the flywheel.

4. The oil pan from the T100 is a rear sump and helps with clearance in 2wd and straight axle equipped vehicles, with the 4" diff drop there shouldn't be any issues.

5. Chilkat conversion mounts will bolt right in without modifications to the transfer case mounts.

6. Not sure on all years, but custom lines have been used in past swaps.


8. The RZ radiator hoses work with your current radiator. The factory 22re fuel pump will supply enough fuel pressure to satisfy the RZ regulator. I would consider extra seating for all the babes who will want a ride in your RZ powered Yota.

9. Check out they might have just what you are looking for, they ship complete conversions out of Oregon.
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Just stumbled across this thread....

I just completed a 2002 3RZ swap into my 87 4Runner (pics coming soon!) I used the motor mounts from Chilkat. Motor slipped right in and at the correct height. Since I have no lift, the guys at Chilkat modified my 2wd T100 rear sump pan to clear the front diff. They do an outstanding job. Rerouted the fuel line using an old fuel line from the 2002 donor. Toyonlyswaps performed the wiring harness conversion for me. Have only driven the 4Runner for a day or so, but all I can say is WOW! Great performance.

3RZ swaps are the way to go!
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My 98 has 4 coils on the side, not on the valve cover.
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I know that this post is a little older.
I saw that you had a question on the exhaust for the cross over.
We have made a swap header for the 2/3RZ into the Pre 95 Toyotas.
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So did you get the swap done? Going the same route and was wondering. I know this is old just thought maybe there was an update.
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