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How do you take the crank pulley off?

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How do you take the crank pulley off?

HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!?!? I've gone through 2 ratchets so far (they busted) and no luck. I can't get it off. Is there a special tool to use for this?
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crank pulley

to get the pulley off your were doing it rite by trying to get the big nut off. they usually are really tight you need to get a real long 1/2 inch breaker to get it loose even then it can still be a pain
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Ok, so I got that off. What about the cam pulleys? I broke 2 wrenches, 1 socket, 1 ratcet, and a partrage in a pear tree. No, but seriously, I can't get those off at all. I used a 4 FOOT breaker bar!!!:cry:
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I hope you are using Craftsman tools or some other brand with a lifetime guarantee.

Over on pirate I read that the easiest way is to set up a breaker bar against the left framerail and blip the starter to start the nut off.

Edit: I have no idea about the cam pulley nuts, sorry.
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Old 04-15-2003, 07:03 AM   #5
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Sorry I could'nt resist
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You can put a breaker bar against the frame rail and blip the starter. Works like a charm. Just make sure the ignition is disabled. Remove the coil wire or something.
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Oly884--How'd you end up doing it? I think I'm in a similar predicament. Did you do the blip starter thing?

Have fun all.
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Maybe the reply is a bit late but here is the solution for your problem with those sticky camshaft bolts. You'll have to use a paint stripper and heat the bolt the first time you'll remove the bolts. Or just use a lot of force.
Toyota uses Loctite on those bolts and this glues secures them to the crank or camshaft. Once removed you'll see a red or green material aplied to the bolts.
This stuff is heat proof up to just above the boiling temp of water.
So heat m up but replace your seals incase you overdid it.
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Well I got it off a long time ago, but I ended up sticking a wrench in the lobes on the cam and then proping it up on the side of the head, and broke a nice chunck off of the head, didn't matter though, I had a new engine. I did how ever heat it up untill it was glowing red and then spray it with wd-40
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