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Carb cleaner vs throttle body cleaner---same thing?

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Carb cleaner vs throttle body cleaner---same thing?


I'm going to clean out my throttle body sometime before I leave for my business trip (its theraputic to work on the 'runner). Anyways, I went to Autozone and they had 2 STP products, one called "Carb cleaner" and one called "Throttle Body Cleaner". Naturally, I picked up the Throttle Body cleaner. However just getting back to the office and reading some past threads, one or two of you mentioned that the Toyota manual calls for the use of Carb cleaner.

So what's the deal? Are they the same product, but different names? That's my guess and this is all marketing b.s. Or is there really a difference? If so, should I return the TB cleaner and buy the Carb cleaner?

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I don't know what the difference is. I just used the throttle body cleaner and it worked great for me.

Have Fun

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actually the thing I used was labeled carb cleaner / throttle body cleaner. So I was guessing it was the same thing. Worked fine for me. No warning lights or anything, and got rid of all the carbon deposits inside.
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someone posted that carb cleaner is recomended by Toyota . .. i use carb cleaner to clean my TB.
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You'll want to use throttle body cleaner. Carb cleaner is more harsh on the sensors around the TB because it is formulated to remove heavy varnishes found in carburetors.
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can i use the TB cleaner on that thin MAF wire too? that is the one im' really worried about.

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I suppose carb cleaner is more potent than TB cleaner, but I used it on my TB & my MAF. No problems here. Warning: results may very.
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