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transmission removal problems

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transmission removal problems

well i have a 88' toyota pickup.. im replacing the tranny on it.. its a 5 speed... but theres a problem.. it will not disengage... ive got all the bolts.. i think 6 bell housig bolts.. and 8 crossmember bolts.. and all other necessary attatchments... i have the motor on a jack stands and the tranny is jackeda little to relieve the stress.. i even grabbed a crank and tied a rope to it and to the rear axle to try n force it out.. still didnt budge.. i got all the bolts garunteed... its just not budging... and i searched the website for more info.. but most ppl got theres out after they found out there was 8+ bolts.. but yeah any ideas let me know.. thanks!
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Either starter or his the clutch and it will fall right out..
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cause i already took the start mount bolts out
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Just did my clutch on Saturday.
As I remember it:

Crossmember bolts. (8)
Bellhousing bolts. (7)
Starter. (1 bolt 1 nut)
Clutch slave cylinder (2 bolts)
Transmission and Tcase levers (1 each)
Wiring harness plugs (4)
Front and rear drive shafts (4 bolts each)

Once it's all disconnected you need to give it a tug backwards to get it loose, then lower it.
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if its bound up on the imput shaft because your not supporting its weight it will be virtually impossible to remove...

I started with a pry bar inbetween the belhouseing and block... (but not tring to force the world with it, just work it free)
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Is it the same process for removing an auto tranny? I read in the manual it says something about needing 2 "guide pins" in the torque converter.

I guess the good part is, is that the auto will NEVER ben going back in...
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If all the bolts are out and external components are out of the way it is either binding on the aligment pins or more likely the pilot bearing in the back of the crank to the output shaft on the transmission. The transmission needs to be in aligngment with the eng. to be removed. Try playing with jack height and use a small hammer and tap on both sides at the alignment pins while someone else is moving the transmisson from side to side. You may want to check the exhaust pipe that has the support bracket to the transmission. I had to remove the pipe to pull the transmission. With the transmission out it is also a good time to change the pilot bearing. Good Luck!!!!
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Old 10-03-2006, 05:56 PM   #9
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make sure you block the engine or you'll never get that thing out... also.. I usually throw a come-along from the rear of the tranny to the rear axle... you DO NOT want to pull it out with the come-along, just snug it up... I then put my foot on the tail of the T/case and push towards the door of the truck, that should open up a gap between the engine and transmission.. put something in that gap (ie a large screw driver) and goto the opposit side you put the screwdriver in so that it acts as a fulcrum. one more push with your foot.... lower it down and your done. hope that isn't to confusing -Hiriden
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trying to mount the engine to the tranny 22RE&Auto

:pat: i have the opposite problem, got the engine out, drive plate and torque converter, came out with it. I took the converter off the drive plate and tried to mount it back into the bell housing. (auto trans) no luck. I cannot get the rebuilt 22re engine to re-connect with the tranny. i have a feeling the the torque converter is not all the way in. Is there something i am missing? How do i know if the converter is seated properly? Can anyone help? i have my engine ready to go in, and i somehow can't mate it up to the trans. Thanx in advance.

87 4runner
LC E Header
High output Alternator
3" lift
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im having a problem removing the torque convertor from the transmission. it is 100% removed from the flywheel and visibly away from the flywheel but wont slide off the splines on trans
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replaced the clutch. having problems getting the tranny back in place. any advice?
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Red face

Clutch lined up correct??

Just how close are you??

Angle of engine and Bell housing is not lined up like it should be.

Top of the bell housing hitting the floor

Splines not lined up quite yet sometimes it needs a little movement of the input shaft.

Wrong Clutch and the splines don`t match.

In this day one needs to inspect every part in the kit.
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