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how high do you rev your 22re?

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how high do you rev your 22re?

I'm just curious...since you have to work these things to get any real power out of them. lately i've been shifting at 3500 to sometimes even 4k rpm when i need to, which makes it much more enjoyable to drive, but i do notice a definite decrease in gas milage. i'm comparing this to how i drove it when i first got it and was a little more cautious, and decided to shift at 3k rpms as a general rule

the reason i ask, is many people will claim the 22re to have 'plenty' of power (in response to the folks who mention how slow it is, or compare it to the 3.0), but these people also claim seemingly amazing mpg numbers like 20/24
as it is now, i get about 17.75 mpg city if i'm pushing it just hard enough to keep up with traffic, and it just gets worst from there the harder i drive it. i'm becomming more confident now that this engine can handle higher-revving, but i'm also not about to try shifting at 5k rpms either
to the people who say it has 'plenty' of power - well yes, it does have enough, if you drive the ĊĊĊĊ out of it, but then there goes your gas milage

just give me an idea here of how hard you regularly push your 22re, and maybe how many miles are on it
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I try to shift at 2.5 or 3k rpm's. I like good mpg's and the yota is not a race car so who cares.
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Do you have larger than stock wheels/tires? That will impact your gas mileage a lot.

22RE torque is almost flat from 2000-4400 RPM or so. Beyond about 4700, torque drops off rapidly.. There really isn't any point in running much past that point.

The 22RE is a bit weak in terms of HP compared to modern vehicles.. Personally, I'm content moving along at a reasonable speed, I don't have to keep up with traffic as long as there are open lanes.

I *had* a bone stock 22re, 200k, I never really ran it up above 4200 or so. It'll go higher and not hurt anything, but the returns diminish...
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I agree, it seems about 4500 is the best shift point when you're pushing it. Unfortunately, gearing doesn't agree with that. I have run mine up close to redline a few times (270K miles) and it handled it fine and when you shift it lands right in the peak but it still is kind of a waste. Feel fortunate to get the 17 mpg city. Reasonable city driving nets me about 15-16 (4.56s, rear locker, 5 speed, 31s, slight lift, skids, and tools/recovery gear) although I think I have a vacuum leak and I know I need to adjust my timing. Even stock I didn't see more than 18 though.
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with my tires and stock grears i have to rev it to get it moving (4-4.5k)
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so what is the actual redline of the 22re?
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when i had my 22re i hit the redline a few times at a mud bog didint hurt it one bit
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5750 is redline.
Stock, you wont see much benefit running it up high, but if you have an intake/header/exhaust you'll see more benefits up top, and it also depends on your cam (stock, torquey-cam, or high-end cam). I dont have a 22re, but my 3.0 makes most power between 28-4800 RPM... then it drops off, i rev mine to 5000 i'd say once a week (to clean out them' combustion chambers ) but it's not necessary, BUT it can handle it.
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i usually shift in between 3000 and 3300 but going up a hill i wont push it past 4k. and both my 89 and 85 have gotten 25 mpg on the freeway driving 70. in town i get about 18 just because of my driving habits.
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I usually shift at 4K or so, and have run long grades in 3rd @ 65 turning about 4500RPM for 10-15 minutes. I have a mild cam and exhaust work and the power really comes on about 4000.
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i usually shift between 3-4k but iv taken it up to the redline on several occasions, but then again i just found a hole in one of the pistons, but i think that might be because someone did a really crappy job rebuilding it. but who knows, i never felt too bad about revving it to much but it then again i messed up my engine
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Whats an RPM guage? hehe

If your lucky like me you have a combined speedometer/RPM guage... STOCK. ;-P

I shift from 1st @ 20mph. I never take 2nd past 36mph, and 3rd I never take past 55mph and 4th never past 70mph, but usually more around 65mph I shift into 5th for highway cruising.

1987 22R cluster. I have NO idea what rpm's im shifting at. I just go by how it feels and what I hear. At the top of each gear (at those mph) something under the truck rattles, probably exhaust so i figure thats high enough, time to shift. hehe
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Old 01-03-2007, 10:30 AM   #13  
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I got lucky too and got a tach somehow in my DX trim

Rarely do I get over 3k; when I have to whip the squirrels shifts occur at 4k.
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Old 01-03-2007, 10:45 AM   #14  
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Lol, I'm with drew. No tach for me. 1st 0-15/20, 2nd 15-30/35, 3rd 30-40/50, 4th 40-60/65, 5th 60 and up. The number before the / is where I usually shift at, but the number after the / is where I shift when I'm trying to move fast lol.

But yeah, I have two mpg settings. Normal and pissed off. Normal usually nets around 20-21, and pissed off usually sees around 16-17.
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But yeah, I've had many a car and truck without tach's. You just shift when you feel like you're getting less "oomph".
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I run mine regularly at 5K rpm for 10-15 minutes straight (8 miles of 8% grade at 10K+ ft elevation). Anything less and I have to downshift another gear and slow down that much more and then still have to keep the revs up to maintain speed. Anyone else seem to notice the incredible gap between second and third gear. Truck will pull second gear all day long at these grades but if I shift to third it won't hack it unless I'm over 50mph and then it's marginal.
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well i didn't have a speedometer for a while
so i was guessing my speed by my engine speed and not the other way around

but yeah it sounds like you guys pretty much drive yours like i drive mine, thats all i wanted to know

something is really frustrating to me about having a bunch of people pass me....i absolutely must keep up with traffic lol. i used to drive an s10 with a 4.3 l v6 in it. ĊĊĊĊin like 280 ft/lbs torque i believe. god damn did that thing pull you up a hill

i wind mine out most in 3rd, getting up them hills. i think i've taken it to 4000 and held it there all the way up a good healthy-size seems like no matter how fast you get it going in 3rd, if your still on the hill when you shift into 4th, there goes all your power, and the POS starts losing speed
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Mine is still pretty fresh with only 7000 on the rebuild. I am on the Swampthing method of shifting too with no tach. My mileage is about 18.5/19 with roughly half and half highway and city driving.
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My block is a rebuilt and I rev mine past 3000 rpm average on the straightaways,went as high as 5000 rpm pulling into traffic and on the soft sand I pull from 2500 to 4000 rpm....
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I should really get a tach though. I dunno about yall, but sometimes I'm like well where the hell is that dang rev limiter!? Any of yall use aftermarket tachs? I mean I've looked all over the junk yards here for an sr5 gauge cluster (and I absolutly refuse to ever use ebay again) and have read all about how to do the swap, but I guess I'll just never run into an sr5 cluster somewheres around here, so I figure I might as well bite the bullet and get me a aftermarket tach. How hard are those to install? Just go fishing for the unplugged tach wire hiding behind the cluster, or...? And does ANYONE know where to get a cheap one other than ebay? Cause I hate those huge ricer gayges, and the only one's I've seen at autozone and wallymart are the $60-100+ ones. I'd take one the size of a quarter, just so I could see my redline! lol

Sorry, I'll get off the soapbox now.
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