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what is the best money spending on hand tools?

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what is the best money spending on hand tools?

well, i think everybody knows Snap-On, Matco, MAC, etc. are really nice, but very fortunate few amoung us can really afford them. i have one MAC 3/8 flexhead rachet, and that's about it on this grade of tools. on the other hand, many second tier brands are pretty nice. Sear's has Craftsman, HD has Husky, Lowe's has Kobalt, Kragen, Autozone,ACE have something, too. independent manufactures like Stanley, Olympia are....OK.

so, if you gotta do it all over again for some new hand tools, what'd you guys have to get and most improtantly, what to avoid.

for me, the best tools i bought was a set of Crescent racheting wrenches from Costco. $15 for 7 pcs of them, abusolutely loving them. they survived the theft, and whole lot abuse. still they are just like the day i bought them.
too bad they are not metric, and Costco doesn't carriy them any more

reason i'm asking is about 2 and half years ago, some scumbag broke into my truck(a Ram1500 i leased new in 2004) used the remote control opened my garage cleaned up all the good stuff. i didn't realy bought any new tools after that. now i'm back driving an USED car again, so it's tool time.
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My sets are craftsman and kobalt with the occasional snap-on stuff thrown in. I wouldnt change anything, Kobalt is made by snap on and is lifetime garuntee and of coure craftsman is too. You can't beat a lifetime guarantee, anything with that kind of warranty seems worthy to spend a buck on...

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Ace/True Value is Master Mechanic, it's on par with Craftsman and the like. NAPA's house brand is good stuff too.

Anybody tried Indestro? Some how an Indestro 14mm/15mm crescent wrench ended up in my box. I am very impressed with it's strength. Grips like a socket wrench, the jaws don't wan't to spread at all. Probably costs a fortune. Never seen it for sale no where, maybe they quit makin' it. I dunno. Found on e-bay, obviously.

I don't care what it is if it don't cost too much and don't break too easy. I'll break whatever $$$ brand you give me just as broke as the cheaper. Then there's crap that's too cheap to be good, you got to be smart that way too. Poo poo tools, you know what I mean.

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First off let me say that I have broken tools from every manufacture. That being said I tend to stick with tools that do have a lifetime warranty (the kind where you dont need to keep the receipt). Also convience is a absolute must; I dont want to chase down a truck or drive across the city to get a tool replaced and pass 3 sears and 2 home depots to get it.
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I got almost all stanley and crescent branded sockets, husky pro ratchets (very nice stuff) and misc stuff. My work tools (I do battery service for AAA) are all stanley and very nice imho.

Lifetime warranty on it all, although it woulda been nice if I broke a socket if I could go to the store but I cant.

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Most of my tools are Snap-On (can't a 53% discount through school) The wrenches and sockets are the best, toughest stuff I've ever used...period. On the other hand, don't waste your money on hammers, pliers, or adjustable wrenches. Questionable quality considering the pricetag. Haven't actually tried Kobalt yet, but they look like quality tools.
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Klein are my favey.
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I can't justify to myself that the price is worth it for Snap-on, Mac, and the like so I'm an airport diesel mech with a box full of craftsman, kobalt, and mastermechanic. I got a $20 set of metric/standard long and stubby wrenches with a lifetime warranty from Advance that are master mechanic and haven't had a bit of trouble with them except the holder sucks. The kobalt and craftsman have performed great as well and returning them is a snap, show up, show broken things, get new things, go home. Kobalt isn't made by Snapon anymore but I heard that they're made at the same foundry that makes craftsman now.
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anything with a good return policy
and stanly has this bugger witch is by far the best ratchet I have ever owned.http://www.stanleytools.com/default....otator+Ratchet
I think you can get one at walmart for 27$
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Most of my sockets, ratchets, and box wrenches are all Craftsmen, all the tid bits that I'll only use once in a while are all Harber Freight. The Craftsmen tools that I have are really nice and not too steep of price. All the rest I don't have to use all too often, so Cheap was the goal there, and if they break, they are cheap enough to replace while still being less than a big brand name.
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my gramps got me hooked on craftsman and i know why. walk into a sears tell them your rachet is messing up no questions asked they will just tell you to go grab a new one off the shelf. done deal. you cant beat it.
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I try to stick to Craftsman so if I break it I can just take it into Sears after work and they mail me a new one if they don't have it in stock. Only had to do that once.

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Originally Posted by YodaPala View Post
Klein are my favey.

electrians see Klein's as mechanics see Snap-on. their screw drivers and pliers are second to none.
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i use craftsman and use them everyday never broke nothin. i also use gearwrench box wrenches and have had no problem with them and there not to pricy either there the ratcheting ones to.
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I have Matco, Snap On, Mac, and a little of Craftsman. I break one or the other sometimes, but when you use them as much as I do, somethings going to break.
I can't bring my tool box home (too big), so I bought an assortment of Craftsman tools and a small toolbox so I can work on my Toyota and do smaller sidejobs at my house.
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Stanley and Craftsman for me, with a few Huskys and Snap-On thrown in for variety's sake...
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i have found people throwing craftsman tools away bring them to sears get new ones thats what i like. if you really don't want to spend thet much money look into harbor frieght they are all pieces of junk but if you break one it was only 5 bucks they don't have any warrenty on them but they are so cheap. there great tools to keep in the tool box that doesn't lock if they get stollen its not that bad. but snap-on matco craftsman and husky is the best tools you can buy
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cornwell--but i have a mix of Snap-on, Mac, Habor Freight, Misc and Craftsman---Of course SO, Mac, CW and CM are mt favorites--never let me down and have the best quality. routinely torque on my 1/4 ratchet with no problems--crazy-----but they are expensive

Must have though isa set of wobblies. Couldnt live without
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I have many of both of my grandfather's Craftsman hand tools that were bought when they were young men, I'm guessing the early 1900s and I will continue to buy Craftsman hand tools as you can find a SEARS anywhere and the lifetime warranty and intial cost are hard to beat.

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(x2) with waskilly wabbit's statement, i have tools of my grandfathers that have been passed from him to my dad, and now to me. even have some old craftsman screwdrivers with the wooden handles.
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