YotaTech Forum Member Creates Dream Truck

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1983 Yota First-gen pickup

Remember that truck you once had and always loved? Our forum member finally found that truck from his youth…and it rocks.

Over on the YotaTech forums we came across this very cool 1983 Toyota pickup 4X4. Even cooler was the story behind it.

We all have that car or truck from our past that holds a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was a beater you wished you could’ve fixed up. Perhaps a family car that instilled your love of Yotas. Or possibly a sweet ride that just didn’t fit in your life. You think of it and check out the classifieds looking to reclaim that ride.

1983 Yota First-gen pickup

This was the case with forum member PWRstroke_smoke. He shared his story on a thread about first-gen Yotas.

Well I originally had an ’82 and had to sell it to pay for my my last year of college. I have greatly missed it ever since. As soon as I graduated I started to track it down and found out the guy that bought it from me stripped all the straight body parts off mine to build back his totaled truck with his built chassis.

So I have been hunting locally for the last year and a half for the perfect replacement to my ’82. I paid $4500 for this ’83 and have a binder full of all receipts from the build. There was a bit more work done than I wanted, but the price was right and the body and frame are straight and rust free. It has original seats, carpet, headliner, paint, door, panels. But has a Pioneer touch screen radio with GPS retrofitted into the old dash, I think this will be nice for mountain adventures once I load it with custom maps. The interior is in very good original condition as well.

The 1983 SR5 4X4 has a rebuilt engine, L52 front and rear lockers, 5.29 gears, new Luk clutch, Marlin HD front case, advance adapter heavy duty dual bearing crawler kit. Additionally, he will be adding an IFS box and crossover steering.

1983 Yota First-gen pickup

Congratulations to PWRstroke_smoke on his classic and clean machine.

Got a truck you want to show off? Head over to the forums and let us see your ride!

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