YotaTech Forum Members Show Off their Best ‘Cheap Mods’

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Looking to update your Toyota truck? Our forum members share creative mods that won’t break the bank.

The call was simple and direct: “Show us your best cheap mods!” And the responses to YotaTech forum member MtnFreak‘s pitch made for one very interesting and informative YotaTech forum thread that is currently 60 pages long. 

From adding an under-hood light for $2 to installing back-up lights on a Toyota Runner for under $100, countless clever, affordable mod ideas are out there in the YotaTech forums. And when it comes to tackling any questions or concerns that may surface when modding your truck, our thousands of forum members around the world have your back. Join the YotaTech forums now, free, and become a part of the most diverse, knowledgeable and reliable community of Toyota truck owners and enthusiasts. Check out some of our favorite cheap-mod ideas…

Installing back-up lights for under $100

Toyota 4Runner

“As most are aware the rear back-up lights on the 2nd Generation 4Runners don’t provide that much light, especially if your vehicle is lifted,” writes Contributing Member James Dean. “So I thought I would add a little extra by inserting some white LED lights into the rear bumper. I didn’t want to mount lights below the bumper because experience has shown me they usually get broken or twisted. Now granted, these don’t provide the amount of light an off-road or KC light would, but the give off a cleaner and brighter light than the ones that are higher in the tailgate. They are also aimed down just a little because of the angle of the bumper. This one of my cheaper mods (under a $100).”

Adding a solid switch plate for less than $30

“Made a switch plate today,” writes wberry85, “cost $30 total. Switches were $8 a piece, so that was most of it. The brackets on those cover plates were so flimsy that the switch would just fall out from the weight of the switch, so I put something more robust in.”

Under-the-hood light is a bright idea for $2

“Put a under-the-hood light on today,” posts 83Toyota88, who shares some great photos of his simple but effective mod. “Got it for $2 at the junkyard. Can be found on a late ’90s Chevy truck or SUV.”

Undercoating entire truck for $50

“Undercoated my entire truck for about 50 bucks with a air spray gun and a air compressor,” says Tilikum102602. “On my 93 T100 ( 3.4 5 speed 4×4 320k no rust ) Used rust stop from ace and turpentine. Fill a gun with mostly paint (a big 1.7 gun) and 10% turpentine, should do an entire undercarriage.”

Transforming brake lights for next to nothing

“Made a custom rear window that functions as brake lights and turn signals,” writes TK, who has what is one of the most awesome and original mods.

“I pretty much did it all on a budget of nothing,” he adds along with a shot of the exterior of his truck, which sports a very cool abstract paint job.

Check out the full “Show us your best cheap mods!” thread for plenty more great ideas on how to mod your Toyota truck on the cheap!

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