YotaTech Member Seeks ’80s-era SR5 Black Fenders

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Got spare parts? A fellow Toyota truck enthusiast needs your help.

When it comes to fellow truck enthusiasts sending out messages that they’re on the hunt for specific parts, the YotaTech classifieds work better than a Bat-signal in finding the best possible help for completing build projects. Whether you’re looking for a fender or a full truck, odds are good you’ll find excellent leads in the YotaTech forums, classifieds and Marketplace.

Of course, the YotaTech community is also a place where you can land some extra karma points by sharing your expert auto knowledge and experience as well as any spare parts you may have laying around the garage.

For instance, if you’ve got some spare Toyota truck fenders you want to unload, Luray, Virginia-based YotaTech member dakotawho would appreciate a message.

“Looking for some rust-free sr5 fenders for 84 to 88,” writes dakotawho in Yotatech‘s Classifieds section. “My truck is an 88. Not sure if the sr5 stripe pattern changes over the years or not…I don’t mind paying shipping for the right deal. Any leads are appreciated.”

The longtime forum member shares a show of his sweet ride, too, just “for attention.” Nothing wrong with that. Check out dakotawho’s post here.

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