Toyota Gifts New Tundra TRD to Paradise Fire Survivor

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Old vs new Tundra TRD

Heroic nurse drives into ‘Camp Fire’ to rescue others, literally toasting his Tundra. Now he’s got a new ride.

Last month, the story of Allyn Pierce went viral due to both his story of bravery, and the picture of his damaged Tundra. During the Camp Fire in Paradise, California, Pierce relied on his Toyota Tundra TRD, named “The Pandra,” to help save lives and withstand the flames.

Pierce, a registered nurse, knew that people would need medical assistance. So, he got in on his sturdy truck to evacuate people from the flames and administer help. Once he got people to safety, Pierce went back into the fire several times to help more people escape. Afterwards, he took a picture of his charred truck, which he called the “toasted marshmallow.”

After Toyota heard about Pierce’s bravery, they gifted him with a brand new Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

“Very quickly we came to the conclusion that we just needed to replace his truck,” Toyota spokesperson Nancy Hubbell told the Washington Post. “He was a hero, and we needed to do that.”

Surprisingly, The Pandra is still running! Toyota will be displaying the toasted truck in their showroom to show off the Tundra’s exceptional stamina and strength.

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