Toyota Tacomas & 4Runners Crawl Over & Through a Ghost Town

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Tough Toyota vehicles make it over and through the challenging terrain of SoCal’s Odessa Duran Loop.

Toyota builds its trucks and SUVs the way it does just in case the going gets a little rough. The owners of the Toyotas shown in this video from YouTuber Alex Busta built his rigs a certain way because he knew the going was going to get rough.

Alex and his pals take their third-generation Tacomas and fifth-generation 4Runner out to the Odessa Duran Loop near the Calico Ghost Town in Southern California. They’ve come prepared for serious wheeling. Alex’s Tacoma is equipped with a three-inch lift and 35s. All of the rigs feature hardware an offroad vehicle needs, from steel replacement bumpers to auxiliary light bars to grippy rubber to sliders to jerry cans. They look the part of serious trail machines and they sure as hell play the part convincingly. Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner Offroad

These Toyotas also prove that sometimes less is more. A few of the passes through the rocky loop are narrow and lined with large, paint-ruining chunks of stone on both sides. Alex and his buddies slowly creep through them without getting hideous, chalky scrapes on their fenders and doors. If they had taken on those sections of the trail in larger vehicles, such as a Tundra or Sequoia, they would’ve had to turn around and look for wider paths.

Whatever amount of money Alex and his friends put into their Toyotas, it was worth it. The Tacomas and 4Runner flex and compress and claw their ways over, around, and through the rough landscape. They don’t make the journey without suffering injuries, though. At times, the vehicles’ enhanced offroad angles aren’t enough to keep a bumper from getting rock rash or a license plate from getting mangled. The Odessa Duran Loop is definitely tough, but in the end, the Toyotas are tougher.

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