Toyota Tacoma Carries Kayaks for the Whole Family

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Toyota Tacoma

In the case of this Toyota Tacoma, four by four means something entirely different altogether.

By now, we’re not usually surprised about anything that the venerable Toyota Tacoma can do. The world’s best-selling mid-size pickup is capable of going just about anywhere and traversing even the world’s most ridiculous conditions, after all. No matter if you’re talking about the legendary Hilux, the original pickup, or the newer Tacoma, that rule seems to apply across the board. But did you know that your Xtra Cab can even hold four kayaks on the roof?

Well, apparently this Toyota Tacoma, which we spotted over on Reddit, can and does. Even though it might look a little sketchy at first. Which would explain why user havesomegarlic posted this pic in the first place. Most likely, to ask the open ended question if this was a brilliant idea or merely a quick way to destroy some perfectly good kayaks. Luckily, it appears that his dreams of transporting both the entire family and all their personal boats to the lake can come true, after all, as M_T_Head noted.

“Old Boater here. We used to load many boats runs to the put-in. Next time you may want to try using some straps to package two or four boats together, then load the packages on the rack. Try making two stacks like the red and green boats. Either way, have fun on the water and always swim with a buddy.”

So there you have it. The Toyota Tacoma is more than capable of carrying you, your family, and your kayaks, while still keeping the bed empty for all your gear. Who the heck needs a full-size truck when your perfectly good Taco can do all that?


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