Toyota Land Cruiser Transports Multiple World Leaders

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Toyota Land Cruiser

Luxury limos are nice and all, but there are reasons why the world’s most important people need a Land Cruiser.

The type of vehicle used to transport this world’s presidents, kings, and other monarchy is rather important. Because, well, these are important folks in the grand scheme of things. They are the ones that make the decisions that impact the lives of their citizens, good or bad. And oftentimes, those decisions (or just their position of importance) make them a target for bad guys. So it’s no surprise that at least a couple of world leaders choose to cruise around in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

According to this cool and interesting infographic put together by Title Max, both the presidents of Afghanistan and the Dominican Republic prefer to perform their duties via Toyota’s legendary off-roader.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This, despite the fact that most of the world’s royalty obviously leans toward Mercedes-Benz. But if the terrain turns rough, how’s that going to work out for them? The Toyota Land Cruiser seems like a much better all-around choice, given the fact that it coddles you in luxury while also offering up go anywhere capability.

Both presidential Land Cruisers are bulletproof and/or armored as well, so you don’t have to worry about ambushes. And obviously, they’re much more practical than the average fancy luxury sedan. And really, would you rather be in some kind of crossover soft-roader like the French president? A Volkswagen Beetle like Uruguay? We don’t think so.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser

Nope, give us the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser any day. It’s got room to stretch your legs out after a hard day of dictating and dodging questions. Plenty of supple leather to sooth your stress away after hours of testifying before Congress. And if the apocalypse does arrive, it’ll handle the shelled-out roads of war-torn cities with ease. And that, friends, is a truly presidential ride!

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