What a Pair! Toyota Trucks Make Picture Perfect Duo

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Toyota Tacoma TRD & Toyota 4Runner

What’s better than a Toyota truck? Two. Two Toyota trucks. 

We’ve all heard the expression “You can never have too much of a good thing,” and in the case of a sweet Toyota truck, we happen to agree. Reddit user Teggy Bear posted a few beautiful pictures in the Toyota Tacoma subreddit. He and his girlfriend own a black Toyota Tacoma TRD and a silver Toyota 4Runner. And they love to show off their clean, cool rides. Which works out nicely, because we love to see these rugged rides in action.

Their activities include a lot of off-roading, naturally, so they have had some modifications to accommodate any challenges they may face. These trucks were never meant to be locked up in a garage, so thankfully Teggy Bear lets them do what they do best: Ride and roam free.

Toyota Tacoma TRD & Toyota 4Runner

What’s the point of owning a Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner if you’re not going to take it out and get it a little dirty?

Toyota Tacoma TRD

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