Toyota Tacoma in the Sand Photo Isn’t Exactly What It Seems

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Redditor quasi-psuedo's stuck Toyota Tacoma.

Is this photo your worst nightmare or just rage-inducing?

First off: There are a lot of things we could infer from this photo alone. Luckily, the poster, quasi-pseudo, explained himself on Reddit. And let’s just say that we’re firmly in his corner.

At first glance, this very pretty Tacoma sitting in the sand up to its axles screams “amateur.” Then there’s the title: “When crawl control fails you in the hot hot heat.” Sure, crawl control failed. On a truck as tough as a Tacoma. Got it.

Then you get to the comments, and your heart just goes out to the poor owner. After user Deere-John asks: “Did OP intentionally bury the truck up to the axles to humble brag about the crawl feature, only to bury it beyond recovery instead? That’s how I would have done it,” quasi-pseudo breaks down what really happened. ” Hahaha i wish,” they say. “Someone backed up right in front of me and i haf [sic] to stop and then i jist [sic] sunk. Tried CC to get out… nope. SUNK.” Before you prepare to break out the pitchforks and torches, they say the off-roader in front of them did redeem themselves. “At least after they did that they were nice enough to let me hook up to their hitch and pull me out. But still! Wtf!” Indeed.

And while you might think that a thread like this might devolve into slamming the person who backed up in front of this truck, it actually stays fairly constructive. Most commenters advise quasi-pseudo to air down his tires next time, though some aren’t always as polite as they could be. User ihc_hotshot calls them all out, saying: “This is Reddit, you posted a picture in distress. We are all experts here, but we won’t help you at all. Our goal is to feel superior. Mission accomplished. All you had to do was air down duh!” It always helps to have people around to keep things real.

Overall, Deere-John gives some sage advice that every off-roader should follow: “I hate when people do that. Please learn to off-road correctly or let me go first/around.” On Reddit or in real life, truer words have never been spoken.



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