1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab Goes Back to the Future

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Back to the Future Toyota Truck

This 1985 Toyota pickup is identical to the one driven by Marty McFly, and we love it.

The Toyota pickup driven by Marty McFly in Back to the Future might be overshadowed by the time-traveling DeLorean, but realistic kids from the 80s dreamed of having a sweet off-road-ready pickup like the one in the movie. Forum member T85 might that dream a reality, converting a 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab 4×4 into an exact replica of the truck from the movie.

The Introduction

When the OP originally introduced us to his 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab Back to the Future project back in late 2016, he explained his motivation for the build while also showing us the truck in the state in which he purchased it.

1985 Toyota pickup in black

Well after years of hunting, tracking, chasing…the search has finally ended. Call it a midlife crisis or just fulfilling a childhood dream of owning the Marty Mcfly truck. Either way, the time has come.

I am starting this building with my newly acquired 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab, 4×4. The previous owner did alot of the hard work, which I am grateful for, which include: rebuilt 22RE motor, fresh paint job, new bumpers cleaned up interior.

There are several things I need to do to get this going such as fixing the leaking knuckles, stabilizer and shock replacement, catalytic converter and O2 replacement, upholstery update, window tint, roll bar, bumpers etc. So first thing to tackle is the catalytic converter and 02 sensor get this boy to pass California Smog Emissions.

He also included a few pictures of his ’85 his 2000 Toyota Tacoma, showing an interesting comparison between the two.

New and Old Toyota Trucks

Building Marty’s Truck

The OP began the Back to the Future transformation by tinting the windows and ordering a set of the same US Wheel Model 94 Black 15-inch wheels that were on the movie truck.

Once he had the wheels on and the windows tinted, the OP took his 1985 Toyota to the high school where parts of the movie were filmed.

Toyota truck at McFly High School

The next big step was finding the tubular front and rear bumpers from the movie truck. The OP hunted around for a while and he found them, but he couldn’t find the matching roll bar. Fortunately, a local off-road shop was willing to fix up the bumpers and fabricate the roll bar. Once those were completed, the off-road lights were added above the cab and the lights on the front bumper were installed.

Toyota bumper in progress

To finish off the exterior, the OP added black fender and windshield trim, along with a Toyota windshield banner. He also added the proper extended mirrors and at that point, the truck looked nearly identical on the outside to Marty’s Toyota in the movie.

Toyota with Lights

The last big change was the interior, as the previous owner added red seats and carpeting to the 1985 Toyota pickup. Since the movie truck had grey interior, the OP removed the red and added the proper materials, completing this incredible recreation of the truck that Marty McFly rocked in Back to the Future.

1985 Toyota pickup interior

Check out the gallery below of the perfect recreation of the Back to the Future Toyota and for a closer look at the entire project, click here to read the full thread.

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