Toyota Land Cruiser is Badass Even on Two Wheels

By - Toyota Sidewall Skiing

In Saudi Arabia, the J70 Toyota Land Cruiser is the perfect vehicle for ‘sidewall skiing.’

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a legendary vehicle, particularly off-road. You can do pretty much anything in it. Need to carry a bunch of friends with you on a trip? It’s got the room. Is there a stream or creek in your way? Run through it. Has the pavement ended and nature begun? Throw it into four-wheel drive. While you’re at it, use the Land Cruiser to crawl over some rocks just for fun. The Land Cruiser can take them. Here’s the catch: You’re supposed to do everything the Land Cruiser is capable of doing with all four of its tires touching the ground.

That didn’t stop these young men in Saudi Arabia from using only half of the J70 Land Cruiser’s rubber in a sort of sport called “sideway skiing.” It involves airing down the tires on one side of a vehicle with a high center of gravity – such as a 4WD SUV – to help it balance and using either a ramp or sharp turn to upset the stunt machine’s equilibrium. Then it’s up to the driver to keep the rig rolling down the road on only two tires (and their underwear spotless).

According to Daily Mail, “The first recorded sidewall skiing was in Denmark back in 1964, and since then, it has been used in a number of movies including Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard, Transformers and in two James Bond films.”

As if sidewall skiing weren’t crazy enough already, participants can get even more of an adrenaline rush by crawling out one of the side windows while the vehicle is on two wheels and standing on the high side of the rig. You know – just in case risking a deadly rollover gets boring.

Photos via Daily Mail

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